Beer Chat: Brooklyn Winter Ale

If there’s one thing Damion and I can agree on, it’s Brooklyn Winter Ale and how much we love the stuff!
A few weeks back I offered résumé help to Damion. His payment for those services, Brooklyn Winter Ale. As we sat around my dining room table with double laptop action and some editing going on, we sucked back a six-pack of our favorite Brooklyn seasonal.
This ale combines malts from Scotland, England, Belgium, and America and is “oh, so smooth!” It’s so smooth you may find yourself polishing off a six-pack in the near future and at 6.1% ABV it is very easy to do so. This Winter Ale is around for a bit (November-March) so there’s no reason to rush, but plenty of time to enjoy a great deal of it.
Winter Ale goes with lots of foods including almost every type of meat including game and duck, stews, BBQ, and cheeses like cheddar, Gruyere, and Stilton.
When people think of Christmas they think about Santa, gifts, and trees. We think about Brooklyn Winter Ale.
We also hate elves. 
For more on Brooklyn Winter Ale and other seasonals, visit Brooklyn Brewery online at 

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