Beer Chat: Magic Hat #9

I was introduced to Magic Hat # 9 many years ago at a friend’s house and ever since, it has become a beer I would order on occasion. That first time, I tried it in a bottle and once I had it on draft it was even better, but then #9 got ruined for me. I’ll explain.
Earlier this year a friend of mine went to the Magic Hat Brewery in South Burlington, Vermont and as a “thank you” for a few free self-defense lessons, she brought me back a growler of #9 straight from a tap at the brewery. One I cracked the seal on that bad boy, it was over for me.
The popular 5.1% ABV, apricot flavored, “not quite pale ale,” was so much better fresh from the brewery. Maybe it was the way they pour it, that it was super fresh when put into the growler, who knows?! I just knew it didn’t taste the same as bottles or the drafts around here for that matter. Am I crazy? Imagining all this?
Either way, I’m done drinking #9 unless it’s straight from the Magic Hat Brewery. Here’s to stuff getting ruined?
But don’t let my experience mess it up for you. Check out Magic Hat online at and I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding a bunch of beers from them in the Connecticut, New York area.

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