Briarcliff Manor Gem: Good Food

One of the best desserts ever invented is the crêpe.  We have the French to thank for that.  Who can resist that delicious thin sweet floury wrap with mixed fruits and lightly dusted with confectioners sugar (powdered sugar for those who are unfamiliar with the cook term).

The first time I saw Good Food, I was walking through Briarcliff Manor, New York with my fiancé when we saw the tiny shop on a small strip of stores. The place specializes in crepes. After reading what they had, I knew the place had to live up to its name, Good Food.   

It wasn’t until a few months later when I was finally able to eat there.  I was with my fiancé again and we were looking for a place for lunch. We had plans to head to Long Island, but were going to eat first. Since I was in the mood for something new, I decided we would go to Good Food. 

Good Food is a small, cute place. It was the perfect place for a Food Dude. We like to see small businesses like that and support them all the way. I fell in love with this place and I didn’t even eat yet. The dining area is small, just a few small tables in the center. Along the back wall is a bar for eating at with bar stools. The front window is filled with lively pants and flowers. As we entered the place, we were greeted with an unforgettable aroma that had our mouths watering!  Ahh, the smell of crêpes!

Above the counter you will see a few chalk boards listing the signature dishes. In addition to crêpes, both dessert and savory, Good Food also serves up sandwiches and the savory version of the crêpe with chicken or vegetables or hummus. I went with a grilled chicken wheat crepe with tomatoes and mixed vegetables. On the side was also some couscous.  The plate came out looking gourmet, a beautiful presentation. After I took my pictures, I cut off a piece and took my first bite. I was nervous because you never know how that first bite is going to be.  Once I tasted it, I knew this place was for real. That grilled chicken crêpe was incredible.  The vegetables were fresh, the chicken was hot, and the couscous was delicious. It had a light dressing on it that pleased my palette.
 I was caught taking a few pictures and had the pleasure in meeting the owner and head cook, John Chambal. I spoke to him a little about what I did as a foodie and how I was a fan of the place.  During my time at Good Food, I noticed that it was a popular place for their dessert crêpes and one of the most popular was with bananas and nutella. As John cooked up a couple for some customers, I watched, and my mouth watered. If you have ever smelled a hot crêpe  with nutella, it’s something you don’t forget…and to this day I still remember the smell.  It’s to die for. What really stood out about Good Food was not just the delicious food, but their “more than excellent” customer service.  This place seems to be pretty popular with the locals and good deals of customers are on a first name basis. 

Unfortunately I only had my grilled chicken crêpe  that day due to the lack of time, but for certain I will be going back for that banana and nutella crêpe . That thing has been going through my mind ever since the smell met my nose.

Good Food

1205 Pleasantville Road
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510
(914) 432-7981
Good Food on Facebook

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