Taking On Garden Catering’s Nugget Wrap

Packed full, baby!

It’s hard to go to Garden Catering and NOT get nuggets. Ordering a “Special” or a “Big Boy” is usually automatic for me. Except this time.
When the Norwalk location first opened, I stayed true and stuck with nuggets on that visit and many visits thereafter. I did notice something on the menu though, the Nugget Wrap, and it was time to stray from my typical order, sort of.
The Nugget Wrap is a wrap (duh!) with GC’s famous nuggets, cones (mini cone shaped mashed potatoes that are deep fried), fries, their spicy chili, and cheddar. Well, if there was ever something made for the Food Dudes…
This wrap is a total guilty pleasure, “girlfriend just broke up with me, feeling bad about yourself, lost your job” type lunch. It’s probably not very healthy and you’ll probably want to go straight to the gym for an hour of cardio in your jeans and all, but you can’t honestly pass something like that up and the Food Dudes never will.
Folks, this one is at your own risk. I’m sure I’ll risk it again someday.
Garden Catering
314 Westport Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851
(203) 957-3222
Twitter: @gardencatering

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