Popcorn Just Became Awesome!

Popcorn, probably one of the best snacks ever created by man. Pure genius. I mean whose idea was it any to take a vegetable and turn it into a mouthwatering snack you can find just about anywhere? If you walk around New York City, at some point you will stumble upon a vender. You go to a movie and what’s the snack of choice? A two gallon tub of buttery, fluffy popcorn. It’s even prominent at a circus.  

Tastebuds Popcorn in Belmont, NC

 I was traveling along the East Coast visiting family and running races and knew that at some point during my adventures I had to find a pretty unique place that was food related. While I was in North Carolina visiting my brother, I came upon a small popcorn shop located in the town of Belmont on North Main Street. The first time i passed it, I was with my sister-in-law. She owns a shop just down the street called Denim Notes Beads and Boutique and she told me that the popcorn place just opened not too long ago. She had never been there, but knew people who have and they recommended it to her.

I had to check this place out for myself. I’m not a diehard fan of popcorn, but when I walked into this place, I became one. The small popcorn shop is called Tastebuds Popcorn. Upon entry I could see that the place was heavily crowded. That’s always a good sign. There were two main counters in the shop, and behind them, the walls were lined with buckets and buckets of popcorn. I was like a kid in a candy store, and looking at all the different colors and flavors, I was like a deer in headlights. 

The walls are lined with tubs of popcorn

this wall focuses more on cheese flavored popcorn

The woman behind the counter asked, “Would you like to try two free samples?” So excited and thinking in my head, “Hell yeah I want to try free samples!” But instead of saying that, I asked her about a flavor that had been recommended by my sister-in-law who is obsessed with spicy.   

Because I was unable to remember the name of the flavor I asked, “Do you have a spicy flavor?”  

Her reply, “The Slap Your Mama?”   

Spicy yet delicious

That was it. That was the flavor. Before she got my free sample, she fair warned me that it was SPICY. Thinking in my head, how spicy could popcorn really get? Well folks, this was spicy! I took one piece and popped it in my mouth and seconds later I was practically choking, but at the same time I wanted more. It tasted so good!

My second sample was the cookies and cream popcorn. This was incredible. It tasted just like cookies and cream. I’m not exactly sure how it was made, but it was incredible. I knew I had to get a bag of this. I was already purchasing a small bag of the “Slap Your Mama” popcorn because I knew my sister-in-law wanted a bag. I needed some for myself. I couldn’t just walk out of there with just one bag for myself given that there were over 150 flavors to choose from. I saw that they had a bacon and cheddar flavor and being that I am obsessed with bacon, I had to get this as well. I didn’t sample this, but when I got back to my sister-in-laws shop, I took a few bites and fell in love. It was so good and had just the right amount of bacon flavor.  

Really tastes like cookies and cream. 

 When I left Tastebuds Popcorn, I promised that I would go back when I returned to North Carolina in June. This place is so unique, so awesome, so original, and so great that I must return. 

Tastebeds Popcorn has over 150 different flavors to choose from ranging in three different categories.  Cheese, Savory, Candy, Caramel, Chocolates, and Premiums. Depending on the category you choose, the price ranges between $4.00 and $10.00 for a small bag which gives you plenty of popcorn. A sign on the counter gives the pricing, stating that a medium bag is the best value.  

The town of Belmont is a great tourist town and is pretty popular. If you find yourself there, you would be making a mistake if you didn’t check out Tastebuds Popcorn. 

Tastebuds Popcorn

208 N. Main Street. Belmont, NC 28012
(704) 461-8755

For those interested in Denim Notes, she is located at:

34 N. Main Street. Belmont, NC 28012

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