Beer Chat: Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

Last week I had a not so pleasant experience at a burger chain in my general area but there was a bright spot to that night, a brew called Breckenridge Vanilla Porter.
When I noticed “Vanilla Porter” on the draft menu I could not remember ever seeing “vanilla” in a beer’s name and off the top of my head, I still can’t. Because samples were available, I asked for one and immediately knew I could drink this, I could probably drink a great deal of it.
The Colorado based Breckenridge Brewery really did a good thing with this porter. The combination of real vanilla beans and two common porter ingredients, chocolate and roasted nuts, hit the spot. I felt as if I was drinking an awesome vanilla root beer at times. It was light at 4.7% ABV and I kind of wanted to drink it at breakfast. I’m thinking along the lines of pairing it with waffles, syrup, and sausage.
My only problem with Breckenridge Vanilla Porter is the difficulty I know I’ll have trying to find it in my area in six pack form.
For more info about Breckenridge Brewery, stop by their site at

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  1. Pablo Guzman says:

    Definitely a good beer from Breck Brewery. I feel you on the breakfast, it would compliment some waffles nicely. haha


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