Healthy Lunch Fix at Naked Greens

Believe it or not, sometimes the Food Dudes eat healthy. Gasp!
Earlier this week I was looking for a place to eat lunch that had Wi-Fi for a working meet up with another creative professional, also known as a “work jam.” Totally stole her term. Also, I felt like eating something healthy because during the week I clamp down on health being a part time martial arts instructor and workout freak. Then the idea came, Naked Greens in SoNo has internet and they serve healthy stuff. Lightbulb!
If you’ve never been to Naked Greens, they’re all about using farm fresh, local ingredients, and their proteins are organic and free of antibiotics or hormones. All NG’s soups, salads, wraps, and sandwiches are homemade or made up on the spot. And although you can’t snack on them, even the bowls and utensils are made from 100% recycled product.
This popular and trendy health food bar has many choices but it seemed as though the popular item was their salad creations, but if you’re into making up your own you can do so. Every salad creation is also available in wrap form.
For those that are in a hurry, smoothies, frappes, and raw veggie juice is available. 
Delicious chicken rice soup!
On my visit I opted to try one of their homemade soups. The organic beef chili was calling my name but I chose to go with their Wholesome Chicken Rice soup because it yelled out to me a bit louder. This creamy soup with plenty of chicken and fresh veggies may have been the best chicken and rice soup I’ve had in a while. The soup station is self serve so don’t stand up there like an idiot the way I did.
The one disappointment for me was the grilled cheese. It was fine for dipping in my soup but there wasn’t a lot of cheddar and the mushrooms I requested on the sandwich were scarce. That’s probably the unhealthy part of me that wanted oozing cheese everywhere. 
The grilled cheese that was less than thrilling.
The grilled cheese and soup came to around $11 which I don’t consider to be too steep. However, salads at Naked Greens can run you around $10 or over in some cases. But with good, healthy choice, what do you expect? Pints of soup are comparable to other restaurants that serve soup (Cosi, Panera), at $5.59 but I filled that pint way up to the top and it was plenty to fill me up.
So if you’re on a health kick, and your New Year’s resolution hasn’t yet expired, eating at Naked Greens from time to time is not a bad way to go. I think that chili and the rest of the soup menu is trying to lure me back.
Naked Greens
45 North Main Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 956-0550
Twitter: @nakedgreens 

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