Experiencing Eos

If I could correctly figure out how to say “new experiences” in Greek I’d start with that, so rather than fail miserably I’ll just tell you that Greek food is a new avenue that I finally explored and got the chance the other night at EOS Greek Cuisine in Stamford.

Now, in case you’re wondering “Man, this guy eats a lot of food, how has he not had a Greek culinary experience?”

Don’t be silly, I’ve had gyros and other common street foods but we’re talking actual dishes here.
So when EOS’ owner Nikki Glekas invited me and a bunch of other local food writers over to her restaurant to sample their revamped menu, I was more than thrilled to try an array of new things that she grew up eating as well as a few modern interpretations with Greek flavors. 
Hey, Nikki! Thanks for the invite!
While EOS’ new menu still includes some classics and customer favorites like the crisp Feta Saganaki (feta cheese crusted with poppy and sesame seeds with a pepper honey sauce) and one of the favorite dishes of the evening, Veggie Moussaka. Me liking a vegetarian dish? Impossible? Not really! If the word veggie wasn’t present on the menu I may have been fooled enough to think there was lamb in there! EOS’ Moussaka is made with zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, mushrooms, and lentils and should satisfy any vegetarian and even a few carnivores. 
Veggie Moussaka to my right and P.E.I. mussels steamed in white wine, ouzo, butter, garlic and herbs to my left.

The wonderfully crispy Feta Seganaki
As the tasting went on I knew I had to pace myself but when the EOS Sliders came out that went right out the window. These ground lamb mini burgers (with caramelized onion and roasted red pepper sauce) were tender, juicy, and cooked to a perfect pink as all sliders everywhere should be. Even though I demolished my slider in maybe three bites and in about 30 seconds, I’m quite sure I raved about them enough for a table of regular customers to overhear and immediately order some. I never like to speak for other writers but in the section I dubbed as “Blogger’s Row,” I’m quite certain these sliders were a big hit.
Another winner for me was something I never order. In fact, I have never ordered it. Duck. EOS’ duck dish, called Papia, is a char grilled bone-in half duck with a bit of tart from a black cherry and red wine reduction and comes with pine nut rice. From what I do know about duck, some places can ruin it due to overcooking. Not here. The skin was crispy and the duck was tender and I may actually consider ordering duck 
EOS Sliders…currently trying to eat my computer screen.

My other favorite from the tasting, Papia (char grilled duck with the black cherry and red wine reduction I liked so much).
One cool tidbit of information came when Nikki asked how I liked the duck. I mentioned how much I love black cherries and that’s when she dropped some knowledge on me. In the warmer months they actually make homemade black cherry ice cream!!! Are you joking?! That is my personal favorite and if you’re in EOS and that ice cream is available, you will, for the first time in a restaurant, see a dude walk in, sit at the bar, and order a dish of ice cream. 
Another dish we sampled was Lahanodolmathes (ground beef and rice stuffed cabbage leaves with lemon sauce).

The fish entree called Ksifias (char grilled swordfish with lemon potatoes, capers, and grilled veggies)
While I sit and dream about lamb sliders and everything involving black cherries, chances are you will find something at EOS that you can experience, possibly for the first time and really love it. They serve lunch and have gyros, hummus, and a couple things you may be familiar with, but I urge you to take a chance and order something different. I certainly tried many new things and really came away surprised, not because I was ever afraid, but because I just never thought about Greek food before. I will think about it now thanks to EOS.
EOS Greek Cuisine
490 Summer Street
Stamford, CT 06901
(203) 569-6250
There were two bloggers at this event whose stuff I actually read, so check out Dee Cuisine and Fairfield County Foodie to see what we agreed on or what other dishes they found blogworthy.

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