Beer Chat: What the Hell is a Lemon Shandy?

It’s a City Steam glass but it had Radeberger Pils in it.

Last weekend I went to my favorite new restaurant/hangout, The Spread, for brunch. I was dead set on ordering a cheeseburger, and I did (which I’ll brag about very soon). One thing I had not decided on was what to order to drink. I figured, eh, might as well do a burger and a beer but one of the features of The Spread is their inventive cocktails no doubt created by some of the bartenders that own the place. As I scanned the brunch menu with all the drink explanations, I saw something at the end, “Lemon Shandy.”
I’d like to think I know food, but when it comes to drinks, sometimes I have to ask.
Come to find out, a shandy is beer mixed with citrus soda. Huh? How had I never heard about this before? But then again, when’s the last time you saw a dude approach the bar and order up a half beer, half soda? Probably never.
After the bartender said, “You’ll like it. It’s refreshing. Trust me.”
I said, “What the hell. I’ll do it.”
Shockingly enough, I loved it. It was refreshing and reminded me of a flavored beer. The Spread’s version was part Radeberger Pilsner, part Sprite, and a lemon wedge and I’m not quite sure what else I can say about a shandy. It was damn good and I would certainly order it again. Who woulda thunk it?!
Side note: You must visit The Spread. Find our reviews on here and find them online at
Visit Radeberger online at

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