Praising The Ginger Man’s Pork Chop Special

If you know me, you know I frequent The Ginger Man. It’s in my town and I can always find a good beer or five to enjoy with my friends. One night last weekend I had plans to stop in for a quick beer and while finishing up some work at my computer I glanced at my Twitter feed, notably to a Tweet from my pals @GingerManSoNo that mentioned a Berkshire pork chop special with a photo that almost warranted having to clean up drool from my keyboard.

I left the house and once I got to The Ginger Man my quick beer immediately turned into staying for dinner and an extra beer and I’m not even mad about it. I admit to being nervous at first because the last two times I ordered one of their specials at least one component of the dish was missing due to popularity.

This time I got exactly what was in that photo, a bone-in, grilled Berkshire pork chop with garlic potato purée, arugula, and charred scallions. Usually I’m iffy about ordering chops. Restaurants tend to overcook pork on occasion, thus drying it out. The Ginger Man rocked it out and served a perfectly cooked chop that sliced easy and had plenty of juiciness going on. I enjoyed swirling it in the potatoes, the balsamic, and the chimichurri. Heck, if that’s not enough pork chop raving, I even picked up the bone and started gnawing off the meat my fork and knife couldn’t get to. Zero shame.
Ginger Man, could this be a menu addition in the future? If you’re looking for a vote from anyone, I vote a huge YES!
Be sure to visit The Ginger Man SoNo online at for more information like an amazing beer list, menu, specials, and their beer dinners.

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  1. That looks amaaaaazing! I love Gingerman's specials.


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