A Very “Dapper” Hot Dog

It’s not exactly a matter of National Security to know how I feel about Shake Shack. I FREAKING LOVE IT! So when I came across an article and a few Instagram photos that they frequently post, some from fans like you and me, I saw a hot dog that I had to try.

They call this particular hot dog the “Dapper Dog.” Shake Shack took The Great American Staple and jazzed it up with their cheddar and American cheese sauce and crispy shallots that came out of a marinade bath of Shake Shack’s very own beer made by Brooklyn Brewery, Shackmeister Ale. 
I’m not sure the Dapper topped Shake Shack’s Shack-cago Dog but the Dapper was no slouch. When I first heard about a “dog” covered in cheese and fried shallots, I immediately figured it would be heavy but that was not true. It was lighter than expected and they didn’t use cheese sauce overkill. There was just enough cheese and the shallots were a nice touch and added some texture. I even found myself secretly wanting a side order! Will there be Shake Shack onion rings some day? One can only hope.
If you decide to spring for a Dapper Dog, go all out and get cheesier, because no Dapper is complete without on order of cheese fries.
For a Shake Shack near you, visit http://www.shakeshack.com/, and guess what?! A new Shake Shack is opening up in Chestnut Hill, MA on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 11 a.m.! More details are on their website.
Follow Shake Shack on Instagram at shakeshack. If you take a cool photo they may even share it! It has happened to me 🙂

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