Beer Chat: Brooklyn Brewery Silver Anniversary Lager

When Brooklyn Brewery came out with a Silver Anniversary Lager to celebrate their 25th anniversary, I was happy for them but I was kinda bummed about something. I knew I may never get to try it. I kept a close eye on local craft beer places and their Facebook pages to see if they would get any bottles in.
No luck 😦
So I sort of gave up.
That was when a visit to Coalhouse Pizza (worthy of a visit if you are a craft beer fan) in Stamford turned my frown upside down. I glanced over their beer menu and BOOM! I immediately jumped at the chance and ordered the Silver Anniversary Lager.
The Silver Anniversary Lager is best described on the brewery’s website. It’s basically Brooklyn Lager but intensified and therefore classified as a doppelbock because of its over 7% ABV, this one stands at 8.6%, and it’s reddish-brown appearance. Chances are if you like Brooklyn Lager, and you like a stronger brew, this is for you.
For all the collectors out there, keep a look out for the 750 ml bottle throughout this year with four different labels as the year goes on. I’ll be waiting to pounce on a bottle or two if they become available near me. And I also just found out that I’ll get another chance to taste the Silver Anniversary Lager at the NYC Craft Beer Festival in the connoisseur’s lounge in just over a week.
When it comes to finding certain beers, I love winning twice when I thought I wouldn’t win at all.
Congrats to Brooklyn Brewery on 25 years!

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