Food Dudes Crash the NYC Craft Beer Fest

Not really. We paid for our tickets. Just sounded cool.
On my birthday the three of us decided that hitting up the NYC Craft Beer Festival Spring Seasonals was the thing to do.
And damn, it sure was.
I’m not gonna sugar coat it, we got smashed, tore up from the floor up, white boy wasted, plastered, all that. Forget just tasting the beer, we drank as much as we could. Funny enough, I started to remember some of the brews I tried a few days later. Yikes!
We sampled beers from some of our favorite breweries like Allagash, Brooklyn, Bronx, Kona, and others. We even tried some great cider from Angry Orchard and Ace (that pear cider!!!).
With 75 breweries present with over 150 beers, it is impossible to tell you about all of them, and it’s not like you can go this weekend, but just know that if you’re a craft beer fan, you need to get to a NYC Craft Beer Festival.
For reals, yo.
Oh yeah, enjoy the photos!

Hey! It’s Rob! This wasn’t staged. Not at all.

Me getting in the first beer taste of the day.

Damion. In action.

We had to.

Allagash glazed meatloaf
Beef Stroganoff and lobster mac & cheese
Short ribs
Crostini with tomatoes and burrata cheese
Damion bought alligator jerky
Magic Hat was giving out free condoms!
For more photos, visit my Facebook Album, I’ll actually unlock the photos for you! 

Check out the NYC Craft Beer Festival online at
Photo Credit: Damion Patrignelli and Andrew Dominick. NYC Craft Beer Festival has been sent these photos and only they have the authority to use them in any fashion they see fit.  


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