Bear Burger: The Lost Review

Some time ago a great man came up with a great idea. He had a dream that all the places he had eaten about would one day be written in a book for all foodies to read. He spoke and called it: “Food Dudes, The Lost Reviews.”The idea was to write about and review exactly what he said, places that the Food Dudes ate at over the years, but never had a chance to publish them to the website. This man was fellow Food Dude Robert Koch. 

The idea came about for me to post a “Lost Review” when I was in the process of moving to my new apartment. While setting things up there, I stumbled upon on old camera bag that had been tossed in a bin filled with junk. In this camera bag was a lone memory card. I had to see what was on it. I found some interesting photos, but what I came across just simply took me back.
For some reason Rob, Andrew and I were up in Milford, CT just cruising around and looking for places to eat. If you are familiar with the area where the Milford Mall is, you would know that there is an endless list of places to eat. We wanted to try something new though, seeing as we have eaten at the other places at some point before. As we drove down the Post Road and into Orange, we came across something that was just outright flashy and was pretty much calling to us. It was called Bear & Grill. Going by the name, I assumed it was a play on words. It was very rustic looking so this place had to be good.
We entered the place and saw that it was set up like a giant log cabin. Near the bar was a fireplace that added a nice country touch to the place, the walls were all bare wood with just a clear gloss finish, wood pillars held up the ceiling. The place was awesome and a hunters paradise. We probably should have been dressed like the guys from Duck Dynasty.
The proper dress code
To cut to the chase, we were seated at our table and received our menus. Andrew noticed right away that they had a very unique soda called Sioux City Sarsaparilla, the granddaddy of all root beers. It was a unique soda in which I never heard of. I was sold.
While looking at food in the menu, I came across something that I had never seen before. It was a burger weighing one whole pound. That wasn’t the burger in its entirety though. The beef of the burger was what was one pound. I was edged on by Rob and Andrew to take on this challenge. I wasn’t even writing for Food Dudes at the time so possibly this was my initiation. 
I had no choice. I had to order it. And order it I did. I can’t remember what Rob and Andrew ordered, but we ordered an appetizer, fried mac & cheese with BBQ sauce. I honestly for the life of me can’t remember the taste but I could only imagine it was delicious.  
Because of the massive size of my burger, it took a little bit more time to cook than the norm, but when they brought this thing out, it was a freak show. As our waitress walked it out of the kitchen and through the dining room, all heads seamed to turn and stare at this monster. This is how big it was. You know when you go to a place and order a sandwich and use a toothpick to hold it together? Well this was being held together with a steak knife. On the burger was sliced ham, sautéed mushrooms and onions, melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese. The bun was a toasted onion roll which I assumed had to be made custom for the burger.  When I saw this thing, I knew I was in for something special.  
The burger was great, no question about that. Needless to say that I was unable to finish it. It didn’t go to waste though. I brought it home and finished eating it over the span of 2 days.  We also ordered dessert that night but don’t remember much about it. I do know that like the burger, it was enormous. I believe it was a brownie sundae.  
There is another Bear & Grill in Fairfield, CT. It is legend that the Fairfield location has a two pound Bear Burger. Two pounds of quality beef served up like the one pounder I took on? I’m game.
Bear & Grill
385 Boston Post Road
Orange, CT 06477
(203) 298-0742

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