Beer Chat: Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager

Flavored beer. It’s usually not my thing. I have been there and done that with pumpkin ales, blueberry brews, and such but I just can’t get into them. There was even an instance where as a joke, the Food Dudes brought a six pack of Seadog Raspberry on a trip to Lake George last year for a long weekend and were flat out disgusted by whatever that was (we won’t even call it beer).
But alas! I came across a beer with a hint of flavor that I really dig.
It all started with a Facebook status update from Ninety9Bottles in Norwalk, CT. They mentioned Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager and how it is made with real strawberry juice from Louisiana. I didn’t speed right over to buy it and knew I probably missed my chance. Bummer.
A few weeks passed and I stopped by Ninety9 to pick up some craft beer for a party and bam! Right when I turned to the fridge, there it was. I purchased a six pack and probably should have bought an extra one, especially after the owner mentioned that his stock of Strawberry Harvest will easily sell out in a day or two.
I cracked one open and it was so refreshing, making it the perfect spring/summer drink, and the strawberry is faint but it is there on the finish, and that’s why I liked it. It wasn’t overpowering with artificial flavor like most flavored brews. Strawberry Harvest is also pretty light at 4.2% ABV and only packs 128 calories per bottle. The Abita Brewing Company got this one right.
Oh, and that party I mentioned, you can probably guess that I left the Abita Strawberry Harvest in MY fridge. I’m not even trying to share. Find your own.

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