Food Dudes. Cinco de Mayo. SoNo MarketPlace.

It was sooo on…

This past weekend there was a lot going on with the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo happening on back-to-back days. Derby Day was less than memorable for us. Oh, you wanna know why?! We freakin lost! That’s why! Damn you, Orb! Damn you, Kentucky weather! And to top it all off, we watched the race at a place that now takes the top spot in our worst hangouts list. We won’t mention any names (*cough* Bradford’s *cough*). You can bet you’ll be hearing about that sometime soon. 

Thankfully weekends also include Sunday, and in Pat Solitano fashion (hopefully you saw “Silver Linings Playbook), we found our silver lining on Cinco de Mayo at SoNo MarketPlace.
SoNo MarketPlace had a lot happening on Cinco de Mayo. Festivities,a catering company based out of Norwalk, has a mini restaurant inside the market that advertised a special. For $15 we were served a “made in front of our eyes” guacamole, chips, a Baja iced tea with blood orange juice, and a steak fajita that was also made on the spot. 
Festivities truly blew us away. The way to tell if we really like something is how quiet we are during a meal. We barely uttered two words the whole time because we were so focused on scooping up every last bit of guac. For a second I thought Rob might eat the guac soaked paper that accompanied the tortilla container. Their guacamole was so fresh and you could really taste the acidity from the lime juice. If I had more, I’d still be snacking on chips. Not to be outdone, the fajita was just as amazing. It was also a bit different with the combination of perfectly cooked filet mignon that was chili/cocoa spice rubbed, arugula, orange slices, queso fresco, caramelized onions, and roasted tomatillo salsa. Any time Festivities wants to add a taco or fajita to their menu, I’m all for it.
Minus the picstitch, a few closeups.

After the food indulgence we decided to hit up Up the Creek Bar for a special Cinco de Mayo cocktail. I went with the refreshing strawberry mojito, while Rob sipped on a margarita. We took in some live Mexican music by Edwin Rivera and chilled hard on a Sunday.
I think we’re in agreement that all Sundays should be like this with the addition that hot girls should try to pick US up and maybe buy US a drink. It is 2013 after all.

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