Hidden Gem in Broad River: Lou’s Pizza

Tucked away in a shopping center in the Broad River section of Norwalk is Lou’s Pizza. Chances are that you don’t even know Lou’s is even there or you’ve blown right past it, but some Twitter peeps and a few friends raved about it. Seeing how I am always looking for a new pizza place, I finally took the short trip over there and experienced an “Oh, it’s you” moment and some good quality pizza.
That moment I mentioned came the second I walked in. Behind the counter at Lou’s was Lou! Well, that’s not that exciting but that “Lou” is Lou Letizia. You may recognize the name from another pizza place in the area, Letizia’s (owned by his cousins), and if you’ve been around Norwalk for a while, Uncle Joe’s (formerly owned by the family). Lou, who once worked at both restaurants, now with a spot of his own, is breaking out some thin crust goodness to THAT part of Norwalk. 
Closeup. Craving this even the day after!

The pizza you can expect is right up there with the best in Norwalk, possibly even some of the best in Fairfield County. Thin, cooked through, crisp with a little chewiness, excellent sauce, cheesy, and perfectly greasy all describe the experience eating Lou’s Pizza. I ordered mine with half sausage and half meatball and the toppings weren’t piled up but I appreciated being able to actually taste the pizza rather than a mountain of pork and beef to hide its flaws. I loved every second of eating the pizza here and next time I plan on ordering two pizzas! Well, you have to have leftovers, right?
Lou’s also has classic Italian entrées like eggplant parm, chicken scarpariello, lasagna, and more,and it seemed like customers that picked up their take-out were ordering lots of those dishes and salads as well. I even added on an order of chicken fingers that were homemade, not like the frozen ones you get at most places in town (you know who you are).
Hopefully I’ll make my way to some of the entrées at Lou’s but for now, I’m so stuck on their pizza. I am sure I found another go-to pizza joint, give Lou’s a shot and you might just agree.
Lou’s Pizza
115 New Canaan Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850
(203) 840-1800

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