Boning Up on Marrow at Bar Sugo

I have yet to write a full review of Bar Sugo. Why? Well, I just enjoy eating there so much and want to try so many different dishes that I keep putting it off. I say to myself every time I finish an evening there that, “Now I’m gonna write it up.” Perhaps part of me wants to keep it to myself because it’s one of the few restaurants in the area that I frequent. Hey, it tough to have regular places as a blogger/writer, in other words and the wise words of former WWE Superstar, The Godfather, “Pimpin ain’t easy.”

But even though a full review is not happening here, at least not yet, I did try a dish at Bar Sugo that may be of interest to you just based on its rarity on menus around here…BONE MARROW.

I was thrilled to see bone marrow in the rotation at Bar Sugo (their menu changes often) as an appetizer/shared plate, mainly because I wanted the experience of being able to try it. I didn’t really know what to expect but I’m adventurous when it comes to trying new things and with anything beef, I am a flat out beast so I dove right in and ordered it. Out came this roasted bone, cut down the middle so you can scoop out the marrow, topped with crisp bread crumbs and I immediately thought “dinosaur bone.” I could see where this might freak some people out but the marrow was damn good. What you’re in for is a rich, soft, salty mouthful with the breadcrumbs for a texture contrast. You don’t get a lot but a little goes a long way and I really appreciated this dish and would most certainly jump at the chance to order it again.
As I mentioned before, Bar Sugo’s menu does change so there is a chance it won’t be available on your visit but the latest change (as of the end of May 2013) has it on the menu, not in the “Cichetti” section but under “Carne & Pesce” it is listed for $26 as one of the “Beef Two Ways.” Try it. If you go and it’s missing from the menu, don’t worry, you cannot go wrong with anything at Bar Sugo.

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