G&G Pizza is Back in BUSiness

When G&G Pizza shut down their Main Avenue operation in 2008, its cult following was upset and has since missed the crispy but chewy, perfectly greasy, mini pizzas.
Well…they’re back! Back in the form of a food truck. Actually it’s a bus. G&G Pizza Bus is taking it to the streets in a “Pimp My Ride” style food truck (bus) stocked with pizza ovens and everything to cook up a few other things too. And unlike most food trucks, you can even sit inside and get your grub on at a counter while chilling at a bar stool.Trust me, there’s room in there, after all, it is a BUS.  

I should remind you that G&G has more than just those delicious 10” pizzas. Chicken fingers, pizza fries, jalapeno poppers, burgers, hot dogs, calzones, and a variety of wraps round out the menu but you should get pizza. You should maybe try something besides pizza but you should still get pizza. Wait, get something else and combine that item with pizza. Either way, get pizza!
Now that I’m out of that pizza pickle (baseball reference?) a few other tidbits for you G&G rookiesare these: If you can put away some pizza, get one just for yourself. NO SHARING! At $6, G&G’s pies don’t break the bank.
If you are planning to hit up the Pizza Bus they are typically parked by the Norwalk Town Green from 11-5 but if you’re not sure they’re around you can always call or text G&G at (203) 846-9966, or to place an order, dial it up!
Welcome back, G&G! 

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