French Donut Desires

For real, how good do these look?!

The last time I was at SoNo MarketPlace I stopped by Greenleaf Organic Bakery for a few cupcakes but my eyes noticed this sliced in half, overstuffed with cream, dusted with powdered sugar, pastry thingy. I’m not gonna lie, mentally I was messed up over it. 
Why did I not buy one? What if it was a one-time thing? What did it taste like? MY GOD, MAN!!!
That was my feeling a few weeks ago.
That was a mini freakout but I do visit the market often and I finally got my chance at this bakery item that I have only seen in this area at Greenleaf.
So what is this thing I’m so obsessed with trying? I got you, don’t worry.
It is called a French Donut. And you bet I scooped a few up for $6 each. Yeah, it seems a little steep for a donut but this thing was preying on my mind, dude. I may have paid $10 just to stop the voices.
I took it to go to enjoy with a Netflix rental and indulged.
I have to admit though, I was nervous and thought it would be cloyingly sweet and that the cream would be heavy but I was dead wrong! The cream was not all that sweet and it was so light, plus the donut was airy, however, I have no desire to know its calorie count!
Trust me on this one, pastry people, if you’re at SoNo MarketPlace, treat yo self and indulge in a French Donut from Greenleaf! 

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