The Food Dudes Tackle Two Roads Brewery

When I first heard that Connecticut was getting two new breweries I was stoked. So stoked that it took me a year to get to one! That’s absurd for a craft beer fanatic like me to just wait but I did finally make the “barely 20 minute drive” to Two Roads Brewery in Stratford.
So what was I waiting for? Eh, I’ll never know. But when plans to beer it up at Bohemian Hall in Astoria got messed up for two straight weekends (thanks Mother Nature), and us still being in the beer mood, that rainy Saturday turned into a day at Two Roads. And trust me, after this experience, Two Roads, you were no longer the backup plan, you were THE PLAN.
On this sopping wet Saturday we were easily one of the first 2-3 cars in the lot but the brewery did eventually fill up. We knew that we needed to book a tour and see what this place was all about so we made a beeline to the gift shop to make sure we got in. Some girl in front of us actually booked an entire tour! So just be aware that if you don’t get in, it’s not unheard of for a whole tour to sell out to one person and it is also a great birthday party idea. 

Worker’s Comp Saison and a brewery tour “ticket.”
Tour booked for 1 p.m., so now what? 11 a.m., Saturday, brewery. That’s all the permission I needed to start the beer indulgence so I started with something light, fruity, and with a spicy finish, the Worker’s Comp Saison (4.8% ABV), one of my top three beers of the day at Two Roads. Having a brew and drinking it slow killed time before the tour began. Oh, I’m sorry, that took too long to drink? I’m not a college frat boy sucking back Bud Lights. You should savor good beer, not beer bong it. 
Tour photos

More tour photos
When it was finally tour time we weren’t sure what to expect. We have been to breweries before went on “tours” that we kind of ho-hum but not the one at Two Roads. This tour was an hour long learning experience and we truly felt as if we got the full brewery experience and got some knowledge dropped on us about the history of the factory, the company, and how they operate. The tour is just $5 and well worth it, more so when you factor in that you get to sample five different brews; Ol’ Factory Pils, Road To Ruin Double IPA, the Worker’s Comp that I was so fond of, the White IPA, and the seasonal Hizzoner Maibock.
Tour over, time to taste more beer. After that Maibock taste on the production floor I was all in, plus I heard many folks at the bar saying it was their favorite. In order to taste every brew that day I ordered up a couple “tasters,” a smaller alternative for $3 each. I went with the easy to drink Maibock and my personal favorite of the day the No Limits Hefeweizen. I would never tell you which one to pick, it’s like choosing between your first and second born but I like wheat beers and Two Roads’ take on this Bavarian was epic and refreshing.

Hefeweizen and Maibock tasters
If you’re sitting there wondering, “Is there food here?” well yeah. You can bring in your own grub from home or some take-out, you can have food delivered to you from a nearby restaurant (ask for the menu book at the bar), the bar itself has jerky and chips for sale, or if you go on a Saturday there will typically be a food truck parked outside around mid day. The truck on this particular Food Truck Saturday was Fryborg and you will see that review very soon.
After the fries and sandwich from Fryborg we just kicked it at the brewery a little longer and had another Maibock.
It was however, time to go or we may have just slept there and did it over again the next day but that’s a little extreme, even for us. We will be back though! There will be more seasonals to try, more people that we need to introduce to Two Roads, perhaps introduce ourselves to the outdoor beer garden, and there is a 100% chance that we’re getting growlers to go next time.
If you’re wondering if I’m gonna spit out some catchy line to convince you to go, no way. If you love great craft beer, just freakin go. Now! 
#truth. Well said, Mr. Frost.
Two Roads Brewing Co.
1700 Stratford Avenue
Stratford, CT 06615
(203) 335-2010
Hours: Monday- Closed, Tuesday-Friday 3 p.m. – 8 p.m., Saturday 12 p.m. – 8 p.m., Sunday 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Twitter: @2RoadsBrewing

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