The Food Dudes Find the Fries-Centric Food Truck, Fryborg!

As promised in our Two Roads review…
I know about Food Truck Saturdays at Two Roads Brewing Co. but I was so pumped about my first visit to the Stratford-based brewery that I just forgot to research which truck was coming. Still not knowing and without inquiring or looking it up on my phone, I went on the brewery tour. After this tour I was starving and immediately asked for the menu book so I could get some delivery with my two beer tasters. And STOP!
Right next to me a guy was on his iPad, because that’s cool at the bar, but I was thankful that he was. We chatted about the brewery and he said he looked up which truck was coming. “Fry something,” he said.
Rambunctiously, I shouted, “FRYBORG!!!” And I probably drooled a bit. 
I started going on and on about how I was never in the same area as the New Haven-based food truck and was eager to try some inventive creations like bacon, egg and cheese fries. Now that the excitement was built up I was ravenous for something greasy and fatty to go with my beer, I just needed the truck to arrive. Like a hawk perched atop a gargoyle I spotted Fryborg from the window before a crowd could gather.
It felt like gliding through air, that trip down the stairs, and I was the first one at the truck. I knew what I wanted so I went right for an order of those breakfast sandwich-like fries with bacon bits, cheese and a fried egg all over the fried potatoes. Rob ordered the pizza fries that are what you can imagine; marinara sauce and mozzarella and Romano cheeses.  We also split a roast beef sandwich with dijonnaise, onion and Swiss cheese (not pictured due to blurriness due to intoxication). 
These fries + Two Roads beer  =Amazing

B, E & C fries up top, pizza fries on the bottom. 
We brought our haul upstairs and dove right in. Both were fantastically greasy and went extremely well with the beer. The bacon, egg and cheese fries are such a guilty pleasure and required extra cardio the next day but it was worth the extra gym time. Had the egg been yolkier, I would have been over the moon. We found ourselves just stabbing our forks into both orders of fries uncontrollably because we just couldn’t pick a favorite.
If you run into Fryborg there will be specials so keep an open mind for one of these combos using Belgian style fresh cuts.  Fryborg even offers dessert sandwiches, grilled cheese, hot dogs, and a wide variety of real sugar sodas. Prices for fries and sandwiches range from $5-$8 so it won’t lighten your wallet too much.
Fryborg was a nice surprise but now I’m afraid I’ve turned into a stalker for those bacon, egg and cheese fries. Please, do not file for a restraining order.
Twitter: @FryborgTruck 
(203) 701-8383

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