Cronut Craziness in Norwalk

Photo Credit: Stew Leonard’s

Doughnut lovers know about it, and even if you don’t fall under that category, how could you not have heard about the CRONUT?!
The half croissant, half doughnut, supposedly delicious creation (I have not tried one yet) that was made famous at Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo. Cronuts are selling at a rapid rate at the French pastry chef’s bakery where 200-250 are available daily with a limit of two of the buttery, sugary treats per customer. In fact, the cronut has everyone curious, so curious that hundreds of folks line up hours before the bakery even opens just to try to snag one. And for a bit of ridiculousness…some cronuts are selling online for like $50! Are you freaking kidding me?!
But alas! The craze has made it to Norwalk and all four Stew Leonard’s locations. For $3.99 you can get your hands on and your mouth chomping on one of Stew’s “Cro-Dos.”
Take that, long lines, eBay, and losing sleep to try to obtain a cronut! And to small calorie counts and fat content, we laugh in your face with a buttery treat! 

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