Cronut Follow Up: The Taste Test

Are they worth the hype?
$3.99 for a two-pack seems a bit steep but it’s a nice treat 🙂

A short while ago we brought you THIS piece that Stew Leonard’s now has cronuts or as they dubbed them “Cro-Dos,” and a bit of history on the most sought after pastry in the present day.

So I’ll make this quick seeing how I cannot give a full review until I try more of the varieties at Stew’s (rumor is they have a chocolate cronut too) and when I can finally get my paws on and shove an entire cronut in my mouth at Dominique Ansel, the birthplace of the already legendary donut-croissant.
But what did I think? 
Out of the box and in its naked glory.
Honestly, I was surprised. I expected something extremely sweet but what I got was a pleasantly chewy, croissant-like effect but with the butteryness calmed down by the donut batter. It was different from any donut I have ever tried but in a good way.
As far as sweetness is concerned, I would have liked more than the sugared exterior. I did see that someone on Twitter mentioned a custard filling or some type of glaze would go over well. I totally agree. Anything with glaze or custard is an instant hit, but Stew’s should keep their original version because with more types of cronuts or Cro-dos there are, we’re all better off. 
Stay tuned to Stew Leonard’s on Facebook for more Cro-Do news, specials, and more!

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  1. During my Externship at the C.I.A, I was at this bakery in upstate New York. One of my tasks was frying donuts at midnight on Sundays. They also deep fried croissant dough. And to be honest, they were incredibly terrible. They would take such a long time to fry that they would be oil logged and just awful. Stews has a pretty good reputation for doing things pretty well, but the memory of frying donuts at midnght in a place I was miserable is probably going to keep me away! Also, read the A&W post, I wish we had an A&W near here!


  2. I totally know what you mean, Jennifer. I feel the same way if I have an oil-soaked pizza fritta. When that happens, I'm done with them for the year, possibly more.

    I so miss A&W around here 😦 We had one in the mall a while back and now, nothing.


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