In Photos: Our EPIC Return to the NYC Craft Beer Festival

Damion and I, for the second consecutive time, photographed the NYC Craft Beer Festival’s Summer Session at Webster Hall. We are both so thrilled that we get to attend a festival and sample some fantastic brews that we may not ordinarily get to try. It’s even better that the Beer Fest uses some of our photos for their website and promo materials. The cool part about this past event for us was seeing our photos in a slideshow on one of the big screens at Webster Hall. I was even in one of the pics downing a beer shot!

If you don’t know what to expect, check out our post from the Spring Session HERE.

The Summer Session featured brews you may be familiar with and plenty of summer flavors to sample too. I could brag about a few but you know, that’s just not fair. You have to actually go and experience it for yourself, and bring friends!
The venue itself was the perfect setting. Webster Hall, originally opened in 1886, has that historic look to it and that just added multiple layers of depth to the event. You throw in jazz music and you have this trio that could not miss.

Our two cents: Go to the Winter Session in November and buy yourself a VIP or Connoisseur’s ticket. Both ticket levels allow you in the festival an hour before general admission folks and if spring the $125 for a Connoisseur’s ticket, you get access to a private lounge area with your own musician or band, and you get to munch out on finger foods and appetizers made with beer or that go perfect with beer from really good local restaurants. 

Until then…Enjoy the photo gallery and the sneak preview of pictures you may see at a future NYC Craft Beer Festival or floating around on their website somewhere.

And oh yeah, visit them online at

We’ll see you at the next one!

Here we go!

People from Yelp, who actually once got mad at us for posting links. Oops!

Yonkers Brewery peeps!


Pulled pork sliders and crab cakes

Lagunitas beer cap magnets

Goose Island Big John

An old ticket window at Webster Hall


Nachos and guac!

Jazz music

Cigar rolling on the spot.

Getting crowded on the main floor


A perfect pour

It’s Rob!

More cigar rolling

In the Connoisseur’s Lounge

Grilled veggies

Cheddar brat sandwich with onions

Poutine with oxtail and bacon gravy and pickled peppers.

Hey, ladies!

Hey, ladies part two 😉

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