A&W: A True American Burger Joint

I am not exactly sure where or how to begin my story but I know I have to keep it as simple as possible. I was on my way to Lake George with my fiancé, Arlene for our annual summer weekend getaway. This time I wasn’t heading there to do a race, believe it or not, I was actually just going on vacation to relax. No 13.1 mile challenge for me this time. Just three days of swimming, eating, boating, and more eating.

In previous visits, my fellow Food Dudes and I came across the famous A&W Burger Stand and to our dismay it was closed during the off-season when we typically go because of my race. This time the burger joint we longed for had opened its doors like loving arms ready to embrace me…then feed me  a double cheeseburger with onion rings.

This A&W is just a small burger stand with minimal dining indoors. Most of the tables were outside in the back on their patio area. This day was a beautiful day so eating outdoors was a must. This wasn’t my first time at an A&W but it was a first for my fiancé. I guess I found some extra excitement in that. 

We sat wherever we pleased and were handed our menus. When our waitress approached us and asked us what we would like to drink, I replied, “I’m pretty sure it would be unorthodox to NOT order a rootbeer from the most famous root-beer place on earth.” Our waitress chuckled, but was what I said really a laughing matter? Arlene ordered the same. 

Moments later our drinks arrived in that famous frosted A&W mug. I had root-beer before, but on this hot summer day, it never tasted so good. The frosted mug was new to Arlene, so she was quite thrilled. 

When it came time to order, I went with A&W’s classic double cheeseburger. What’s better than a cheeseburger? A double cheeseburger! As we ordered, our waitress threw at us a complex decision.  Arlene and I both ordered the same thing, but the waitress asked us if maybe one of us wanted to do onion rings with the order and the other do fries? Clever! Sold!

When our order came out, its chances of survival were very slim. I couldn’t resist. The burger I have been waiting for since April of 2011 was finally in my grasp. That hot juicy piece of savory beef just called to be consumed. Within minutes it was gone. So were the fries and I had begun to work on Arlene’s onion rings. The onion rings were nicely battered where the entire ring was coated and crispy. They crunched with every bite. That’s how they should be. 

A&W’s burgers, fries and onion rings are nothing short of delicious. The root-beer is even better. This is a MUST go-to place if you are ever in Lake George, and it’s right on Canada Street like all the other hot spots in the village. It’s a sure thing. A true burger enthusiast would be dumb  to pass it up. A true American would be just plain mad!

2208 US Rt 9
Lake George, NY 12845

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