Beer Chat: Abita Strawator

My exact Instagram description/hashtag spree: Oh. My. This #‎AbitaStrawator is blowing my freakin mind. 8% ABV and you wouldn’t even know. #‎Abita #‎strawberry #‎Louisiana #‎craftbeer #‎beer #‎norwalk #‎ct #‎fairfieldcounty

I hardly ever get to go out during the week. Not that I don’t want to though, I just have friends that are either busy or lack spontaneity. So when I FINALLY rolled out to grab a beer this past Monday I ended up in flavored beer heaven.
To take it back to a previous post, I bragged about Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager and how I really enjoyed the hint of strawberry juice at the finish but you still know it’s a legit lager. That beer was good but I found an upgrade on Monday night by the same craft beer company.
Abita Strawator is that version 2.0; a better sequel with a pumped up to 8% ABV but you honestly would have no idea until you get to the bottom of your first glass or mid way through your second. It has nearly the same golden/cloudy appearance, and way more natural Louisiana strawberry juice as its predecessor.
My only fear when talking about Strawator is that I may never have another because I know it will sell out at my local beer pub due to its scarcity on draft and once it’s out of season, well, you know how that goes. I pray it will be around a week later, less than a week later even, but I won’t get my hopes up.

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