Food Dudes Bites: Café Turnier

So this idea is something new. I had this idea to launch mini reviews, snippets if you will, for places we sampled but have not gotten the chance to give a full review to. Think along the lines of maybe we stopped and got something quick, or we tried a menu item at a festival. It’s our version of a shout-out.
And….Intro over. 
For the first installment we figured a Norwalk eatery should be first and it currently meets the criteria for these “bites;” I tried their food at the SoNo Arts Celebration barely a handful of days ago…Meet Café Turnier, a deli that incorporates American and Haitian cuisine with a few other styles mixed in.
Before I tried anything at Café Turnier, Rob had already been there a bunch of times for breakfast and always has something good to say, and when he told me they would have a table at the SoNo Arts Celebration I knew it was a good opportunity for a sample. We passed by Café Turnier’s table and met the owner, Ernst, and chatted about food for a bit but we couldn’t get fed yet! Not that it was his fault, many booths were having generator issues. But what kept us circling back to check on the situation was the fried pork and plantains that Ernst planned to serve up that day. OK, maybe the case full of beef patties tempted me as well. 
When the generator finally cooperated, Ernst fired up the fryers and gave me something from his culture that reminded me of my half Puerto Rican heritage. The pork was crispy, but meaty with the right amount of fat content. A total guilty pleasure that I’m thinking about even now. The plantains paired with a coleslaw-like salad were a winning combo. That slaw-like blend with jalapenos is called pikliz, common in Haitian cuisine, is cabbage, carrots and the jalapenos that are pickled in vinegar and salt. The blend comes out briny with a kick of spice. After we both destroyed out pork and plantains, I had no choice but to take one of the beef patties to go. We’ll talk about those when we do the full review, so you’ll have to wait!
I’d like to go on some more but nah, that’s what these minis are for. This one is actually a little too long but this is the INTRO version, and because it is the first, I get to NOT be creative at the end and say…”I can’t wait to check out Café Turnier for a full review!”
Café Turnier
115 Main Street
Norwalk, CT 06851
(203) 846-0023

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