The Food Dudes’ Night Out at NOLA

SoNo Restaurant Week has come and gone but one thing about an affordable meal is it gives you a chance to check out a restaurant at an affordable price that you have probably been putting off because you were/are broke as a joke. So for us, if you say three courses for $29.99, we’ll add to it and splurge on a cocktail! We did just that at NOLA Oyster Bar last month.
Before I start, I should mention that we badly want to return to NOLA because we really didn’t vary up our selection much, but we were not disappointed one bit. Heck, we even knew our main course prior to arrival…
The burger.
OK, OK, complain if you must. “What is wrong with you guys? Who gets a burger at a seafood centric restaurant?” Well, we do. And NOLA’s burger has been talked about amongst food peeps in the area so we had to try this monstrosity of a sandwich. 

This bragworthy burger consists of dry-aged beef from Saugatuck Craft Butchery, Beemster Cheese from the Netherlands, ‘shrooms, bacon, fronions, and black pepper mayo. That’s pure fat boy status and we dove right in. This juicy, burger, ordered to a perfectly cooked medium (next time I’m going mid-rare), was a dream sequence. I still don’t believe this thing exists. Every component of this burger is something I really like on a burger and each was necessary. My bold statement is…This is easily a top three burger in Fairfield County, and for many of you, if you try it, it will be your favorite.
One more burger note/I’m calling you out: Damion, you really wimped out. You ate like half the burger and took the rest to-go. Rob and I considered banning him from the site. I would give him the benefit of the doubt and say that the burger “does come with a huge pile of hand cut curly fries,” but forget that. Food Dudes are supposed to finish.
So remember when I mentioned NOLA is mainly seafood? Well we still had an appetizer that preceded the burger to try something with fish. Rob went with a “better than any Chinese restaurant” pork fried rice with blackened shrimp while Damion and I could not resist the crispy fried catfish. Lately, catfish has been my thing. If it’s made right, soaked in buttermilk to take away the muddiness, and cornmeal crusted, it is spectacular. NOLA’s was the best I’ve had around here. The fish was flaky, juicy, and the crust was crispy. The polenta on the plate adds a nice creaminess while the almond slivers give the dish texture, and not to be forgotten is the green tomato jam that provides some spice. Catfish. Get on that flow. 

Also of note at NOLA are the cocktails, a sinful bread pudding with salted caramel, and much talked about is their ever changing menu. One menu mainstay that folks are buzzing about is the poached lobster & cornbread waffles and for those of you that drooled when you read about the burger, that’s a menu anchor too.
Ala NY Times, “If you go” and you’re a seafood lover, you will LOVE NOLA. If you don’t love seafood, try something, be brave, and trust a good restaurant. More importantly, if you go, take us!
NOLA Oyster Bar
68 Washington Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 957-3352

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