Beer Chat: Curious Traveler Shandy

You’re likely to find Curious Traveler in bottles but I managed to find it on draft! And it’s even better!

Summer 2013 is dwindling down. Cue sad face 😦 But there was a refreshing, summery brew that brought a smile to my face a few times this season. No, Curious Traveler Shandy probably won’t win any “best beer” awards, and it probably is not high on a beer aficionado’s list but when the weather got steamy it sure did the trick.
First, if you don’t know what a shandy is, it is typically a lighter beer (wheat beers or lagers) mixed with lemonade, some type of fruit juice, and I’ve even had it with lemon juice and Sprite. The Traveler Beer Co. out of Burlington, Vermont brews its Curious Traveler using wheat beer, fresh lemons and limes, and lemon peel.
I sort of wish I had more to say about Curious Traveler except the reiterated, “it’s so refreshing!” It comes in at a drinkable 4.4% ABV and I have faith that YOU could knock back a six pack on your own if you like the flavored stuff. All you need now is a good end of summer, early fall cookout and a beautiful day.
Check out the Traveler Beer Co. online for more info and more of their flavored brews:

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