Burgers at Little Pub. On the Fourth Visit.

I have been to Little Pub in Ridgefield three times. I don’t want to say a restaurant is famous for something when they clearly do more than just that item but Little Pub IS burgers and craft beer. Out of those three visits, I never once got a burger and that is an epic fail. I once just had a few beers, the second time I had fish & chips, the third…peanut butter pie. All those things were great but I felt like I missed the boat and I don’t get to hang out and explore the food scene in Ridgefield as often as I’d like.
So bring on Little Pub, in Wilton. Prayers answered with the new location and barely a 10 minute drive. My blown burger chances were about to end on my fourth visit, a fourth visit that took me a while to make happen. My chance finally came after I finished up a dreadful editing contract in a summer filled with 14+ hour work days. Most people would celebrate by going on a bender, hitting up a handful of clubs in one night. Me: I just wanted a freakin burger and a beer. 
The Over Easy. Go ahead. No one’s looking. Drool.

Food Dudes never eat solo. Rob ordered the Ventura Highway. Pepper crusted burger, bacon, Gorgonzola, avocado-cilantro relish.
I walked into the Wilton location (which looks very much like the Ridgefield version) knowing I needed beef on a bun but I knew I had choices. I mulled over the Steakhouse; bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar and steakhouse mayo. I was oddly enchanted by the Graceland; bacon, grilled bananas, cheddar and thai peanut sauce. But damn, every burger sounded good but I’m a sucker for a burger with an egg on top. My choice was made when I noticed the Over Easy; American cheese, smoked bacon, an over easy egg (obviously!) and chipotle aioli. We all know bacon makes everything better, the egg yolk gives you some rich flavor, but the chipotle mayo had some nice heat that balanced out the burger. What I liked best about Little Pub’s burger is that they actually know how to cook them to specifications. If you say “medium,” you’re getting a perfectly pink burger. Little Pub also makes their patties with fresh, never frozen, ground beef that they get every day from a butcher shop in Fairfield. Anyone know where? One of the owners had to backpedal when he realized he may be spilling some burger secrets! 
My burger’s perfect companion after my summer of no fun was Brerkshire Brewing Company’s Hefeweizen Ale in a 22 oz. bottle. I won’t give too much away since that’s for a separate Beer Chat review, but if you like summery brews and the flavors of banana and clove, this one’s for you.
As for a beer selection, you can always count on Little Pub to have an extensive craft beer selection that includes taps, bottles, cans, and even 750 ml and 22 oz. bottles too, and every once in a while you’ll see a beer on the menu that is so rare that you cannot pass it up.
Nothing complicated here; all I know is the Over Easy, a hefeweizen, and Little Pub combined to be the perfect remedy to my long, overworked summer. 
Little Pub
59 Ethan Allen Highway
Ridgefield, CT 06877
(203) 544-9222
26 Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897
(203) 762-1122
Twitter: @littlepub

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nothing, repeat, nothing beats a good burger! Sounds like a great place!


  2. I agree, Bonnie. Something I often struggle with is if I were to be given a last meal choice, what would I want it to be? A burger has to be in there.

    And if I were traveling abroad the first thing I'd eat when I got back to the state would be a burger.


  3. Jessie says:

    Little Pub is one of my favorites! If I don't get a burger, I really like their pulled pork wrap. Mmmmmmm…


  4. Ohh this looks so good! I will certainly stop there when in the area! Thanks for letting me know about it!


  5. frankgibbs says:

    The delicious food in the little pub is truly matchless.Its cuisine nourished with the genuine food and wine makes it an ideal hangout place with our friends.I feel that is very important to deliver with these kind of menus and perfection that makes it very important.


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