Noshing at Napa & Co. During Stamford Restaurant Week

Because who doesn’t like affordable meals?!
Up until this year I had never been to a Restaurant Week in any Connecticut city or town. There really is no reason for it but I sure am glad I started to take advantage of great deals. Earlier in the summer I visited NOLA in SoNo and had a great meal and recently I went to Napa & Co. during Stamford’s Restaurant Weeks.
Napa & Co. was on my restaurant to-do list for a while and I always put it off because, well, it isn’t exactly the cheapest meal in the area. When I saw it was on the list for restaurant week I practically begged my ex, who might just love the food scene just as much as I do, to have a meal with me there. Yes, it is possible to be really cool with your ex. Take note, fellas.
Napa fell into the higher end of the Restaurant Week deals, a $30.13 three-course dinner. Sold! But being that I went with a friend, it certainly gives you the opportunity to try more on the limited RW menus. And we did just that, and even tossed out the extra cash for a high quality, very strong drink, because I know I’ll never eat at Napa for around $50 per person until the next deal comes around. 
The ultra cool drink menu

With descriptions! If you tap the photo.

Not ashamed to admit that I had to nurse this drink throughout the meal.

We browsed our drinks on a tablet where you can even put in your drink order wirelessly! We both thought that was kind of cool and the tablet for storage space is probably necessary given the restaurant’s extensive wine list. The Honey Do was the cocktail I dared to order. Made with Jim Beam Honey Tea Whiskey, Barenjager, lemon juice, bitters, and crushed mint, the Honey Do damn near made me drink in reverse after my first sip. It was THAT strong. But I never said I don’t like the occasional strong cocktail 😉 

This. Delish!
While sipping on drinks we pondered our choices. For appetizers we decided on the mixed greens salad (a cop out on a RW menu if you ask me) and the app that saved Napa’s RW menu, Asparagus Milanese. The asparagus came with a truffle aioli, parmesan cheese, and a sunny side up egg. The rich yolk paired with the asparagus left me wanting another after we finished this plate. 
Napa does not skimp on portions.

Still having Bolognese dreams…Notice that whipped ricotta?
The entrée portion was much more satisfying as a whole. Even though we passed on the Pan Roasted Salmon, we were thrilled with the Roasted Heirloom Chicken and the Pappardelle Bolognese. The chicken came with brussel spouts, wild mushrooms and au jus and was incredibly tender and juicy and the skin was crispy and remained crisp throughout the dinner’s duration. The house-made pappardelle, which I had strategically placed in front of me, was the right call and I’d have trouble not ordering this dish again on a regular night. If you’re a sauce person, and I am, this bowl of pasta will make you scoop up every bit of the Bolognese and I guarantee you’ll want to stop the waiter from taking your bread. I gave you the foresight on this one, so keep the damn bread! 
Everyone has room for dessert.

Everyone has room to try two desserts.
Even though the Bolognese and part of the chicken dish had me at my eating limit, I still managed to get some dessert down. Choices during RW were a rich, gooey, warm chocolate cake with vanilla gelato, cherry jam and pistachios and a warm carrot cake with cinnamon whipped cream.
This small sampling was enough to make me want to get back to Napa & Co. to splurge and order off the grown up menu. And I have heard talk about their Wagyu Burger so I left feeling like that has to be a future mission.
So maybe you’ll cheap it up like I did (nothing wrong with that!) and pay Napa & Co. a visit during the next Restaurant Week or you’ll just go for it and treat yourself, and hopefully share a meal with someone who likes good food too. And if that person is really cool, they’ll know that sometimes sharing is caring. 
Napa & Co.
75 Broad Street
Stamford, CT 06901
(203) 353-3319

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle Brennan says:

    Cool drink menu and the dessert looks delish!


  2. Possibly the coolest drink menu ever! I think next time I'll have to actually order it on the tablet.


  3. Alicia Ghio says:

    From the drinks to dessert that dinner looks and sounds amazing!


  4. Ohh I love your reviews! I feel like I am eating with you! I agree with mixed greens being a cop out, but Dat asparagus! WOOO! The chicken looked amazing, but that pappardelle would have been my choice! Those desserts may or may not have been the death of me! I am putting this on my list of “to try” places! 🙂


  5. Everything looks so good and I like a strong drink too. And,sipping it through the whole meal works for me too! Definitely have to check this place out!


  6. I so appreciate that! That is totally the feel we want you all to have, like you're right there with us!


  7. Looks delicious!

    My husband and I tried Zaza for restaurant week. While everything was very good, I found the non-restaurant-week tapas we ordered along with our meal to be REALLY memorable. The pancetta scallops were my favorite of the night.


  8. Jess says:

    That drink menu is so cool! And I would certainly have room for two of those deserts.


  9. Parker Smith says:

    I found lots of interesting information here. The post was professionally written and I feel like the author has extensive knowledge in this subject.


  10. That three course meal is certainly worth going for. I have had drinks and a meal that go for about the same price.


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