“Pigging” Out at the NPFA Benefit Featuring Local Brewers and Pork by Walrus + Carpenter

I know roast pig images freak some people out but we love shock value. True barbarians will love this. Consider yourself warned.

This is just the beginning. The longer you read, the more graphic this will become.
 This weekend after a gym session I was destined to throw it away with some good eats but I felt better knowing that I could attend a Norwalk Professional Fire Fighters Associationbenefit at SoNo MarketPlaceon September 7, 2013, that featured pig roasts and craft beer!
A $15 donation included a craft beer tasting and a pig roast. Whoa. For a craft beer fanatic and a carnivore, which I truly am, this was the best way to spend a Saturday.

One of my fav brews of the day!

Was thrilled to see two breweries I truly love. Allagash White and Brooklyn Brown Ale are always winners.

From Stratford…Two Roads’ Workers Comp Saison.

Some of the brewers or brewery reps on hand to get me drunk were Brooklyn Brewery, Two Roads, Oskar Blues, Captain Lawrence, Allagash, Kelso, and Half Full; each with a few different brews to be sampled.

A few I really enjoyed were from a few of the local breweries…Half Full and Two Roads. Two Roads’ Worker’s Comp Saison has always been a favorite and from Half Full, the Bright Ale is always a safe bet but the Toasted Amber won me over with its maltiness and that toasted flavor from the hops.

Say “what’s up?” to Conor Horrigan, founder of Half Full Brewery in Stamford. Better yet, just stop by the brewery and say “hello.”

It was there at the Half Full booth that I struck up a conversation with Conor Horrigan, the founder of the brewery who told me about the Rare Beer Nights at his spot. Rare Beer Nights are on the third Wednesday of every month and are limited to 40 people. On these nights, Half Full charges $30 and you get a pint glass sample of 3-5 different nano batches of beer and food pairings. This is definitely something to check out and you will certainly see me at one of these real soon!

Here. We. Go.

I told you this would get increasingly crazy.

And now. Cutting out the tongue.

And now the snout. It was honestly for one guy who coveted such parts.

Chef Paul of Walrus + Carpenter cutting up some cheek.

The first dish of the day.

The second.

So I did eat these pieces of the cheek.

The pork portion of the day was provided by one of my new hot spots (CLICK HERE for a review), Walrus + Carpenter, where Chef Paul prepped pig in two different ways. One prep was the pork, deboned and cooked inside the pig skin, served with an apple slaw, broth, and a crispy pork cracklin’ on top. The second was the pig roasted over a spit and served with pineapple and a curry sauce. They even brought a bunch of their awesome maple-bourbon glazed ribs for the crowd. I even got slightly greedy after making friends with the crew and managed to get some of the cheek meat. Sorry for the lingering, guys. I just needed the cheek.

Barbaric? Viking-like? Who cares?! I love a good pig roast.

Plenty of good beer. The end.

OK, I lied. I had to toss in this photo of this 1969 Mustang on my way out of the market.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. I'm a pretty adventurous eater. The cheek, I would try – yes. The snout, uh, don't think so.

    Looks like a fun time and a good cause!


  2. The snout and tongue made me curious but even I was still a bit scared. This one guy was all over it though.


  3. Poor piggy lol Not sure I'd be that adventurous but good to know there are others out there willing to try anything


  4. Cheek is AMAZINGLY tender and delicious. Looks like a good time! Im hearing all sorts of good stuff about Walrus+Carpenter !


  5. Cheeks are fantastic. If you ever see a pasta dish on a menu at a good Italian restaurant and it has guanciale in it, get it.


  6. Wendy says:

    WHOOHOO! That looks like so much fun and GOOD EATS for sure! This Texas Native gal loves me some good roast pig! I want to go to one of those tastings, too!


  7. Keep a lookout for events at SoNo MarketPlace! They usually get a good showing from locals for certain events. The chili cookoff earlier this year was another really good one.


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