Food Dudes Bites: The Local Meatball

Before I jump into a slew of non-CT reviews I figured I’d bring you a taste, a nibble if you will, of The Local Meatball based out of Fairfield.
While I was at the Blues, Views & BBQ Festival last month, I managed to spot The Local Meatball there and had no problem giving up smoked meat for a taste of their delicious balls. Damn. That didn’t sound right. Not at all. But TLM plays off that whole balls thing because it’s funny. You giggled, I know you did. 
Almost bought a shirt just for the play on words.
I immediately went over to their table and had to try these “things.” Admit it, you thought I’d keep saying “balls.” Ha! Did it again.
The Local Meatball takes pride in high quality balls by using only the freshest ingredients in their various types of meatballs. I tried their Serious balls made out of ground beef and a bunch of secret stuff that they’d never share. The meatballs were epic; tender, well-seasoned, and their traditional tomato sauce that the meatballs are soaked in does not take away from the balls.  I tried ordered my balls naked (without bread) so I wouldn’t get too full at the BBQ Fest and just to try them as they are. A grinder will be in my future! 

Eaten in less than 90 seconds. I’m sure of it.
Other meatball creations are…
·         Kick in Da:  Pork, cherry peppers, spicy sauce.
·         In the Buff:  Ground chicken meatballs in homemade buffalo sauce.
·         Honey’s:  Pork and honey BBQ sauce. I have to try these.
·         Jewels:  Ground beef, sausage, bacon, and melted cheddar on a soft roll with maple syrup. Another one I have to have. Like now!
You can typically catch The Local Meatball around Fairfield, at festivals, and occasionally at Two Roads Brewing but you should toss them a Facebooklike and a Twitter follow to find out their schedule and track them down.
Happy hunting, for balls.
For more information about The Local Meatball including catering info, visit their website at

5 Comments Add yours

  1. There is nothing better than a great meatball! And that “kick in da” sounds WONDERFUL!


  2. I dig the spicy too, Bonnie. Will certainly be looking for them. Especially when they return to the brewery.


  3. That's so funny! Yesterday I was talking to a semi-regular and I found out her husband owns the very same food truck! Never heard of it til yesterday.


  4. Sounds yummy, I'll check it out!


  5. Plans to try them this weekend. Your post is making me hungry!


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