Clash of the Cheesesteaks Part Deux: Jim’s Steaks

This is sort of a sequel. Possibly a series.
There are many things that cannot be solved.
So who has the best cheesesteak in Philly? The hell if I know. But I think I’m closer. Closer than I was last year, closer than I was two years ago. If it takes a lifetime of trying to figure it out, and if I still never figure it out, it will have been delicious.
I have beasted Pat’son many occasions, I tried Geno’s but wasn’t a fan, I enjoyed Spataro’s at the Reading Terminal Market. Now it was time for a true dive, but a place I heard about and read that they have a real deal cheesesteak…
Jim’s Steaks. 
Jim’s has been around for about 70 years and I originally planned to go on last year’s Philly trip but time ran out 😦
I vowed to return and made it a point to make the original Jim’s location in West Philadelphia (cue Fresh Prince theme song in your heads) my first stop before hotel check-in, a Food Dude’s Philly tradition, a cheesesteak before all else. 

The “Go To Sleep Right After Lunch Combo.”

What was expected of Jim’s? Well, it’s a cheesesteak in the city that made them famous, so fresh sliced ribeye, Cheez Whiz, onions, and that famous bread from Amoroso’s. We agree as a trio that the bread is the key component in the Whiz Wit. Does the other stuff matter? Sure! But the bread is what separates Philly from the rest of the phonies out there. Jim’s cheesesteak had all that. The steak was juicy and fresh, it was perfectly messy with the grease and Whiz forming to make the best wrapper drippings ever, but it had something the other places did not have!
That thing, you ask?
At every place I have ever had a Whiz Wit, the onions were good; cooked, translucent, but still crisp. Jim’s cooks their onions through and caramelizes perfectly. That touch of sweetness from the onions put this cheesesteak over the top and at the top of my list. When you add in that Jim’s serves beer and alcohol, well, that for lunch when everyone else was working was just gangster, yo. So you know what? I had my Whiz Wit with a 40! And I picked the cheapest bottle of brew to brown bag, Colt 45. Did I feel guilty doing this? I wasn’t driving and I felt like a boss.
My new Cheesesteak Rankings:
1.  Jim’s Steaks
2.  Pat’s King of Steaks
3.  Spataro’s
4.  Geno’s Steaks
5.  TBD
I know I’ll take some heat for this but whatever, that’s what this is about. If people aren’t talking, well, that’s bad and I failed to engage you.
And for all those people that wrote in on social media apps, sites, and all that, “CHILL.” I will get around to trying places. The two that got mentioned were Steve’s Prince of Steaks and Dalessandro’s. Don’t worry, they were on the list long before you suggested them. Keep reppin’ your cheesesteak joint but keep in mind, this is an argument that will go on long after we’re all gone.
Jim’s Steaks
Four Locations
Stay tuned for updated rankings later this week when Tony Luke’s makes the list!
Like a baby with a bottle.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Carmelized onions does it for me too! Great recap!


  2. There is something magical about the Whiz/grease combo. It's like it was meant to be one of the mother sauces….. Yum!


  3. Jess says:

    I think this quest sounds something like my attempt to find the best ice cream in New England. It's impossible to ever make a truly complete list, but the quest itself is a worthy lifetime goal.

    . . . and now I want a cheesesteak.


  4. Right?! It is so never ending! Let me know how the ice cream quest works out, I can't get enough! You will like the latest post if you're crazy for ice cream 😉


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