Clash of the Cheesesteaks Part Three: Tony Luke’s

A mini Part Three.

Another famed cheesesteak joint that should not be forgotten is Tony Luke’s. Tony Luke’s has become a cheesesteak empire over the years with multiple locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with expansions to Florida and the Kingdom of Bahrain! The original location for all the purists out there is at 39 East Oregon Avenue in Philadelphia.

Now, normally we would visit the original location, and we typically don’t review chain restaurants, but Tony Luke’s did start like all the other cheesesteak places in Philly so we gave it a shot, at the Borgata in Atlantic City.
Atlantic City?! Yes. It was for a bachelor party. No, you cannot hear about it. We’re here to chat cheesesteaks. 
Cheesesteaks to go is always a smart choice.

Cue stomach growl in 3, 2, 1…
We stopped by Tony Luke’s on our way out of the Borgata because I badly wanted to bring one home and I wanted one on the spot. Rob and I noticed that they sold a pizza steak there and we had to finally try one. I ordered a classic Whiz Wit but added mushrooms this time and Rob ordered the pizza steak and we did a Whiz Wit/pizza steak spilt to keep it classic but to try something new too.
The Whiz Wit was just as good, if not better than most cheesesteaks we’ve had anywhere. The bread was super fresh, the juicy sliced ribeye piled on, I had no complaints. This was a hell of a cheesesteak and I was thrilled that I got one wrapped up for the next day.
We were also glad we tried the pizza steak. With marinara sauce and melted provolone the pizza steak was something different and I would order it again. My only beef with the pizza steak was I wanted more sauce.
OK, no more B.S. Here are my updated Cheesesteak Rankings with Tony Luke’s making the cut!

  1. Jim’s Steaks
  2. Pat’s King of Steaks
  3. Tony Luke’s
  4. Spataro’s
  5. Geno’s Steaks

Tony Luke’s
Multiple Locations
Twitter: @TonyLukesUSA

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Bonnie says:

    Nothing beats a Philllie cheesesteak! This looks so good!


  2. You're not kidding 😉


  3. Oh my god, i want one right now!! Why does CT not have a Phillysteak place??!! Someone needs to get on that! 🙂


  4. We used to have Tim's on Westport Ave. in Norwalk but they closed 😦

    They were the best thing besides actually going to Philly. Now it's going to be a fish & chips place, Royal Guard.

    The best in the area now is Blue Cactus Grill on Stevens Street by the Norwalk Hospital.


  5. Jess says:

    I looked up their locations, and they're opening a second one in Bahrain soon. . . but still none in CT.


  6. That's enough to drive folks nuts I bet. Bahrain, of all places.


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