Raw Bars, Endless Crabs, And the Salty Sea Air at Urie’s

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During my long weekend stay in Wildwood, New Jersey, I was on a seafood excursion. I recalled the year before that just about everything that I ate was seafood. Whether it was a form of fish, crustacean, or a little bit of both, I was all about the little creatures of the sea.
Wildwood is a place that swarms with seafood. Just about every street corner has something from Poseidon’s domain. Your choices range from high end, to deep friend shrimp and scallops on the boardwalk.
During this trip, Arlene and I planned to eat well. Yeah, we planned to throw a few small “unhealthy” meals in there once in a while, but this was our final summer trip. We were going to end it in style, and with good food. Looking through one of the coupon books that our hotel provided, Arlene came across a place on the water called Urie’s. Urie’s was located next to The Boathouse Restaurant, a favorite of ours from last year.  While reading up on Urie’s in the coupon book, I noticed an all you can eat section for crabs on the menu. I  never had all you can eat crabs, and I was sure in the mood to make a slob of myself. This had to be my moment.
That night we found ourselves at Urie’s. This was a pretty big place and plenty of seating. There was a little wait, but this was expected. Earlier that day we were told that Urie’s was a pretty popular place and that we should get there early. We failed to do so. We arrived around 8 for dinner, and were given a wait of 45 minutes. This I didn’t mind because the place was simply attractive to the seafood lover like me. Towards the back of the restaurant was a raw bar. I had been craving some oysters since I saw them at the raw bar at a restaurant the day before. I ordered six oysters and three little neck clams. Arlene went with a basic shrimp cocktail. I definitely felt like I was dining in luxury, and it was just something I never experienced. The atmosphere was so welcoming and relaxing. I felt like I could just stay at the raw bar all day and just eat. I loved it.
To cut to the chase, our buzzer went off and we were seated on a screened in deck. That was great considering it was a beautiful summer night. To some, it would be disgusting, but I loved to smell that salty sea air. When it came to ordering, I made no hesitation. I went with what I had seen earlier in the coupon book. I was going with the all-you-can-eat Maryland Blue Crabs. For an appetizer I went with a basic New England clam chowder.

The service was pretty swift when it came to bringing out our meals. It wasn’t more than five minutes until Arlene and I got our appetizers. The clam chowder came out in a good portion, nice and hot, with a side of oyster crackers which I dumped in. I devoured my soup and by the time I took my last bite, our waiter delivered our main meal. I wasn’t expecting my plate to be as big as it was. In fact, it wasn’t even a plate; it was a large bowl of crabs. I was thinking that they were going to bring out three crabs at a time, but instead it was a large wooden bowl of 10 crabs. On top of the bowl rested an ear of corn and a small bowl of curly fries.  

Standing before me was a huge bowl of crabs, all hot and seasoned to perfection. For those of you who have never had crabs (the food), there is a lot of work involved but it is well worth it. The main areas of meat ate in the claws, and a small portion in the legs and body.Getting to the meat in the body is a little work, for you have to dissect the body, and behind each lung is a small pocket of perfectly delicious white crab meat.  The legs are tough as well, for you have to split them in order to get to the meat. I worked on my plate for well over an hour, but it was worth it. That put a whole new meaning on working for your food. After I consumed all ten of my crabs, I was spent. Not just from being stuffed, but from working. I was a mess and a reeked of seasoned crab.
Urie’s is a sure thing on my list of places to hit when I am in Wildwood, NJ. The food was great, the service was excellent and prompt, and there is more to do there than just eat dinner. They even have a bar right next to the raw bar. The raw bar calls for no reservations or waits, just show up and order what you want. The shucker is right there and she will shuck your clams and oysters right in front of you. So if you are in the mood to stuff your face with crabs for a great price (under $30.00), or you just want have a cocktail with your oysters, make sure you visit Urie’s.
588 West Rio Grande Avenue
Wildwood, NJ 08260

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