Reviewing Cereal Milk Ice Cream from the Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook

If you’ve heard of Crack Pie and Compost Cookies, two of my favorite things EVER, you should know the place that made those great snacks famous, Momofuku Milk Bar.
The Momofuku restaurants also have this fixation with cereal-based desserts and I am not complaining whatsoever. Momofuku Noodle Bar also has two that I have intense love for…their Lucky Peach Soft Serve (Lucky Charms) and the Fruity Cereal & Marshmallow Cookie (Fruity Pebbles). And you will read about both in an upcoming review that includes possibly the best bowl of ramen around. 
So what am I getting to here?  
I could tell you I went to the actual Milk Bar and had some type of fantastically sweet treat but what if I told you that you can make their goodies at home? 
Behold! In all its glory, Cereal Milk Ice Cream.
No, I’m not here to peddle their Milk Bar Cookbook, but you can get it if you want to 🙂
What I’m trying to say here is, “THE BOOK WORKS,” and I was able to try another of their famed creations, Cereal Milk Ice Cream.
I wish I could take credit for making the ice cream but I don’t even own the cookbook. So when a friend invited me over to test out the Cereal Milk Ice Cream recipe I jumped at the chance. She whipped up a batch of the corn flake flavored ice cream with its toasted corn flake topping. The ice cream is less sweet than you might be used to, but very creamy and extremely satisfying when paired with the topping for that added texture. The ice cream is so “corn flaky” that you’d swear you made it with the Kellogg’s rooster by your side and this may be the one time you get a pass on eating ice cream in the morning if you dare to go there! 

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  1. Andrew, I have never had any of the Momofuku delights, but I will as soon as I can! This looks like an interesting alternative to the “too sweet” icecream that is around now! Yum!


  2. Bonnie says:

    The ice cream sounds great! I'll have to get the book!


  3. Oh my, I am seriously drooling over here!


  4. I work not too far from the Milk Bar and it is a problem! I especially love the Corn Cookies and the Blueberry Cream cookies!


  5. Oh, I would have a serious problem if I was that close. I was at a festival not too long ago and they had a booth so I could not resist bringing home a bunch of Crack Pie slices and a handful of Compost Cookies.

    Be on the lookout for a Momofuku Noodle Bar post very soon!


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