Sights from the Third Annual Greenwich Wine + Food Festival

With a few brag photos thrown in.
The best brag photo might as well be first. Me with 2/3 of the Masterchef judges! Where you at, Gordon?!
 The Greenwich Wine + Food Festival presented by Serendipity is without a doubt a food lover’s paradise. The annual festival celebrates fine dining, traditional pub faire and beer, wine and spirits.
Held at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich, CT, the Greenwich Food + Wine Festival showcases local and “local enough” restaurants, their chefs, and some signature dishes for a hungry crowd that never leaves wanting more to eat.
Under the tented culinary village where ticketholders can walk through many times over and sample some high quality grub, were many Fairfield County restaurants. There to represent for Southern CT was Bar Sugo, Barcelona, The Spread, Redding Roadhouse, Napa & Co., Bar Q, The Ginger Man, Oak + Almond, and way too many more to handle in one day! 
The GWFF also had a beer, BBQ, and burger section with plenty of craft beer and even some full size burgers! Thanks, Shake Shack! But in the end, taking home Best Burger as voted on by panel of chefs was Plan B Burger Bar in Stamford.
In between all the food and drink consumption, guests had the option to watch well-known chefs in action like Graham Elliot, Duff Goldman, Michael Psilakis, and Richard Blais among the notables. Other demos included mixology lessons, wine knowledge, and pig butchering by Ryan Fibiger of Saugatuck Craft Butchery.
A GWFF first was the CTbites Blogger’s Lounge where popular local chefs and even some big names stopped by for a Q&A session and to chat with writers and food bloggers. 
More importantly though, and don’t take this the wrong way because the food certainly is important, the festival’s ticket sales go towards The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. The organization, founded by Paul Newman, gives seriously ill children and their families a chance to heal through laughter and fun during a unique camp experience.
That’s a wrap for this year, but do yourself a favor and go next year. Ticket prices are steep but the proceeds go towards a terrific organization and be assured that you will not have to take out your wad of cash the entire time. And maybe, just maybe you’ll run into some of your favorite chefs 😉
Have fun scoping out the photos!
Amy Kundrat interviewing Chef Geoff Lazlo of The Whelk, who talked about farm-to-table, and shared his love of gardening.

Chef Michael Lucente of Barcelona interview by the Fairfield County Foodie

The animated and interesting Chef Prasad Chirnomula of Thali

Duff Goldman stopped by for an impromptu interview!

Duff’s cool custom shoes

Neil Fuentes and Billy DiCrosta: The Singing Chefs

Graham Elliot interview! 

Elliot had one of the best quotes of the day when talking about food and taking risks, “Don’t push the envelope. Tear it.”

CTbites mastermind, Stephanie Webster with Graham.

Another Food Dude! Rob won the CTbites contest! And be on the lookout for Graham’s new restaurant, Primary Food & Drink, coming to Greenwich this winter!
Chef Michael Psilakis, easily the most down to earth guy ever. Said if he were not a chef, possibly he’d be a poet. He even follows me on Twitter now!

Chef Psilakis and I

A tray of sweets

Brisket slider from Bar Q


From Rive Bistro, lamb meatballs and a lobster and crab slider

Seared duck breast with a cherry sauce and a gooseberry

The new Cidre, from the people at Stella. Loved it!

A Brussels sprout salad and a deviled quail egg

One of my favs of the day from Barcelona: A bleu cheese stuffed date wrapped in bacon with Sherry in the glass.

More meat stuff from Barcelona.

The Spread’s shaved beef tongue with arugula and garlic aioli never disappoints.

My buddies from The Spread!

From Jeff Taibe of Oak + Almond, my personal number one of the day, fried head cheese slider. Un.Be.Lievable.

More bacon, in flower form. Thank you for this, Plan B.

Slider from Plan B

17 Comments Add yours

  1. What a great event this was! Can't wait til' next year to go back! A little crowded, but otherwise just fabulous.


  2. Love seeing other people's recaps, because there was no way possible to see and eat it all! What an amazing event–definitely should be on people's must-do lists for next year!


  3. I got there early and got around the Culinary Village pretty well but that beer and burger tent was jammed! I managed to swipe a Shackburger, a pulled pork sandwich, and a slider and I immediately got outta there and took my loot to the lounge. Whew!


  4. Totally agree. Everyone has a different way of writing about what they experienced. I am so interested to see what other recaps are out there. I had a blast. Even though I got in free I would totally pay to attend if it came down to it.


  5. Great photos! I can't wait to attend next year! All the brag photos do have me a teensy bit jealous and my waistline is expanding just looking at all the yummy food!


  6. ellen ( schmertz) bowen says:

    Great pics!…so glad you could hang with us at The CTbites Blogger Lounge…we will back again next year!


  7. My pleasure, Ellen. I always appreciate hanging with the CTbites team. Thanks a bunch for lounge access!


  8. Great pics! Glad we finally got a chance to hang out. Until next time… =)


  9. Yes! Finally! And then people stole me away, and then there was bourbon and many burgers. We definitely have to hang out soon!


  10. Catherine says:

    Looks like an event I should have made it to! Next year! What great photos you took!


  11. Anonymous says:

    Great show! It seems like it will be even bigger and better next year. A nice selection of food, wine and spirit tables. My favorite had to be the energized table with the fabulous Greek food “Elia Taverna”. Looking forward to next year.


  12. Great Recap Andrew, I wish we could have met! There is always next year! 😀 Everything was amazingly mind blowing!


  13. I'm sure we'll run into each other at an event somewhere! Glad you had fun. Everything was so, so good!


  14. I get hungry every time I come back to the comments and have to go past the photos!


  15. You must go! If I actually paid to attend I would have been happy with my purchase 🙂


  16. I totally missed Greek food here! Next time I will expand my focus to something other than bourbon, beer, and beef or pork.


  17. Jess says:

    Oh man. This is definitely going on my calendar for next year.


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