Beer Chat Throwback: Genesee Cream Ale

Old school beers, I love ‘em! With the whole craft beer movement going on I find it important to occasionally pay tribute to an oldie like Genesee Cream Ale.
The Genesee brewing company started making beer in 1878 in Rochester, NY, but their famed Cream Ale came about in 1960 in its classic form, a can. Today, you can find Cream Ale in bottles and taps but I’m a purist when it comes to nostalgic companies like Genesee. Cans all the way, baby.
So what the heck is a cream ale, you ask?
Well, they were produced before Prohibition, especially in our area, the Northeast, to go up against lagers. And funny enough, brewers do tend to use lager hops and ale hops to achieve a cream ale. Cream ales like the Genesee version are typically bitterer than traditional lagers, have more carbonation, and contain a bit more ABV (Genesee sits at 5.2%).
So you got your cream ale crash course and a bit of Genesee history, so what’s left? If you’re reading this during the work week, it is clearly time to hit up a happy hour near you where you may be able to find a cheap can of Genesee Cream Ale, and turn back the clock with an old favorite.
Visit the Genesee Brewing online at
And the Genesee Cream Ale site at

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bonnie says:

    Now there's a blast from the past! Genny Cream Ale! Love it!


  2. You're lucky I didn't do PBR!


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