Food Dudes Bites: Royal Guard Fish & Chips

It is difficult to find a good fish & chips place and even more difficult to find one in Norwalk since Streets of London went out of business years ago. I know some people will say Pagano’s, but no, sorry. I’ve been down that road and got served undercooked, veiny fish. Thankfully we have two new spots in town, Mainport (still have not been) and Royal Guard Fish & Chips.
Royal Guard opened in the building recently vacated by Tim’s Philly Steaks and features the obvious fish & chips, but also chicken & chips and buffet style Indian cuisine. Even we found that last one a bit strange for a restaurant that advertises fish & chips, but whatever, if they have good, fried cod, that’s all I will ever order. 
I know you want this because I want this.
I have to admit, I was not expecting much from Royal Guard but what I got thrilled the hell out of me. For less than $10 I got a two piece fish & chips and a water, so there’s the good price portion of this mini review. What I was excited about was the fresh, juicy cod, free of veins or bruises, and a crispy golden batter on the fish. Throw in the traditional fries and that’s all I could ask for. The fish was perfectly cooked and was the best I’ve had in the area outside of my personal favorite, Westfair, and Tavern on 7. 
Shout-out to malt vinegar. I love you. The only REAL condiment with fish & chips!
My only gripes? They don’t give out homemade tartar sauce but any real fish & chips Dude or Dudette knows that you rock your fried fish with malt vinegar anyway. And it’s not necessary but I wouldn’t mind a side of slaw, potato or macaroni salad.
My only concern? Can a business, even a good one, make it at this location? Regardless of how you felt about Tim’s, it was clearly the best cheesesteak in Connecticut and the closest you could get to greatness without being in Philly. It’s a shame it never caught on, let’s hope Royal Guard with damn good fish & chips does not meet its predecessor’s fate.
Royal Guard Fish & Chips
336 Westport Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851
(203) 846-5999

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  1. Yes! Re: the malt vinegar! And I love fish & chips- glad to know there's a good spot to get them in CT!


  2. We have a few good places in the area but none close enough and excellent enough for takeout. By the time you get it home it could be soggy, like if I tried a to-go order from Westfair in Westport.

    Where I need to get to is A Salt and Battery in NYC.


  3. Oh I love me some fish and chips. There is nothing like “A salt and battery” In Greenwich village, but who the heck can go to the city all the time. I totally get the Indian food connection. I have family in London and they go bananas for Indian food. I'm pretty sure they have it more than they have traditional British food. Nothing but MV for my chippies!! 😀


  4. Nice! You've been?! I need to get over there. I should take a trip and just scratch that place off my list.

    And yes! Another malt fan 🙂


  5. Unknown says:

    Please try and review their Indian dishes. That's what will make this place shine.


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