Food Dudes Bites: Mama’s Boy Southern Table & Refuge

The preview that was supposed to be small but ran a little long. Still, it remains NOT A FULL REVIEW!
Ever since A Taste of Charleston went out of business a bunch of years ago, I’ve seen searching for a restaurant to fill that soul food/southern cooking void in Norwalk. I think I found that restaurant in Mama’s Boy Southern Table & Refuge. Maybe.
I wandered into Mama’s Boy late in the summer with high expectations mainly because I crave southern inspired dishes and already knew beforehand about their stick-to-your-ribs type menu filled with Shrimp and Grits, their Low-country Bouillabaisse, Fried Green Tomatoes, Mac ‘N Cheese, and their take on chicken & waffles called The Little Yardbird.
On the Friday night I was there the outdoor crowd was treated to live music while the happy hour crowd was pretty active inside as they sipped on some of Mama’s Boy’s excellently priced drinks and snack specials. I certainly need to hit up a happy hour here real soon. However, I was here just for a quick sampling.
I started out the evening with a drink from Mama’s Boy’s ever changing and innovative drink menu featuring handmade cocktails where you can expect to find some southern flavors to compliment your meal. 

For snacks I went with the Farmer’s Board which included local cheeses, pickles, salami, pâté, apricot, whole grain mustard and grilled bread. I enjoy charcuterie boards and this one was no exception. For some reason though, every time I order one anywhere, I could do with one or two more pieces of bread for mini sandwich making purposes. My only issue here was the honeycomb that was supposed to be included was left off 😦
My next starter was my favorite of the night; the Pulled Pork. The pork was tender and the BBQ sauce didn’t overpower and was not over used but the kicker that paid off was the jalapeno-corn pancakes the pork is served with that add sweetness from the corn and a spicy kick from the chili pepper. I would probably order this every time I visit.
The one entrée I had to have was The Little Yardbird. A nice take on one of my all-time favs, chicken & waffles. I like Mama’s Boy’s use of a Cornish game hen to switch things up but the fry on the chicken was nicely executed and the crust was seasoned properly. I always like a little more waffle but I did only order the half plate version. My only problem with the dish was the braised collard greens that were too peppery/spicy to even eat. And I like spicy, just not in this way. 
After the three dishes I had to try MB’s homemade Red Velvet Cake. I can judge Red Velvet harshly but Mama’s Boy scored big time. Out came this giant slice of cake that I do not plan on sharing next time and even if I’m full, I’ll manage to get it down. The cake did not taste too much like chocolate (a mistake most make), it was moist, and the cream cheese frosting had some sweetness to it. I could brag and keep going but you just need to try this cake for yourself. I need another piece real soon.
This “Bite” went on longer than I expected but that’s my scoop on Mama’s Boy. Even with a few minor issues, I look forward to another visit and to try more of their menu so I can report back and give you a sequel.
Did they fill the void I mentioned? It’s still a MAYBE, but I have faith 🙂
Mama’s Boy Southern Table & Refuge
19 North Water Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854
(203) 956-7171
Twitter: @mamasboyct

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessie says:

    Cool! One of my friends is a dessert chef there, I will have to share your thoughts on the cake!


  2. Jessie, I would seriously sit on the floor in a corner of the restaurant, a whole cake cradled in my arms, eating it with my bare hands. I mean, you know, if it wouldn't scare folks.


  3. Andrew, I think you'll love Mama's Boy more and more each time you go. We loved just about everything we had. It's been about three weeks since I was there last, and I'm STILL craving more bouillabaisse and shrimp & grits. Oh, and that red velvet cake. I'm on the floor in the corner sitting right with you. DELISH!


  4. I'm curious to go there for brunch. Possibly even a quick stop to try their burger. But I will most likely always get the red velvet. Maybe even a piece there and another to go 🙂


  5. Jenny says:

    Ohhhhh I love a good charcuterie board, a shame that the honeycomb was left off, that would have complimented well! A lot of people think red velvet cake should taste chocolatey and that makes me so so sad. Or they are vividly bright red. A good southern slice of RV cake is all you need in life… Save room for me in the corner! 🙂


  6. We have a nice crowd forming in this corner! Eating with your hands, totally acceptable.


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