Getting Serious About Smorgasburg

The view from East River State Park. Ahh!

Def·i·ni·tion:  Food ADHD – Not being able to control oneself when in any environment surrounded by mind numbing aromas, obviously delicious food, and the sight of edibles everywhere.
I have felt this way on many occasions, namely at Chelsea Market, Reading Terminal Market, and others. But you can add one more to the list…Smorgasburg.
Smorgasburg takes place every Saturday and Sunday, Saturdays in Williamsburg at East River State Park, and Sundays in DUMBO. So why have I waited this long to spread the love to my Connecticut folks? Well, I just recently went for the first time and I’m telling you now because the last dates for it are November 23 and 24 before some of the food vendors move to an indoor market for the winter. 
Graffiti art on the way to Smorgasburg.

More art in bar/restaurant mural form and someone’s kid before Smorgasburg arrival.
So I’ve teased you enough, now what the heck is it?
Smorgasburg is what its website says it is, a “Brooklyn Flea Food Market,” and upon arrival you can certainly see why. The park area held a plethora of food booths, so many that I won’t try to guesstimate. I know all the vendors listed weren’t there but even still, the number was large.
After two strolls around the vendor area I was hearing voices, I could not focus, and I was struggling with myself and my overall food identity. I completely froze up and damn near had to take a trip to any insane asylum that would take a weird food related mental illness. 
Epically fried perfection.
Eventually my mind seemed to remember a sign from Buttermilk Channel that read “Fried Chicken and Cheddar Waffles.” Umm…YES! For $10 I got a thigh, a drumstick, and a small section of waffle with a bunch of pickles. I would have liked more of the homemade cheddar waffle but the crispy, perfectly seasoned fried chicken made up for it. This was easily the best fried chicken I have eaten in a long time, possibly ever. 
Coke has nothing on this cola.
I moved on from my fried chicken love and stopped by the Brooklyn Soda Works’ table for one of their refreshing homemade soft drinks that never include syrups or anything artificial. BSW always uses the freshest fruit in their product and are always inventive with flavors and spices in each soda. Even on a chilly Saturday I was all in for their cola with cinnamon, lime peel, orange peel, lemon peel, nutmeg, and coriander and a bit of molasses. Every time I run into Brooklyn Soda Works at any festival I always make a purchase and I always try a new flavor. 
Fries crowd waiting for their name to be called.

More fried goodness.
I had to try one more thing after the soda so I let the crowd decide my next stop. No, not for a Ramen Burger. Even I wouldn’t wait in that excessively long line. Another spot that had a nice crowd was a hand-cut fries place called home frite. Every time someone picked up their order, I got a little drooly. These perfect ratio of greasy to crispy fries even come in a genius pod that also holds ketchup or whichever dipping sauce you desire.
Sadly, my friends, I had to stop eating. I know, I know. It’s a crime. I had other stops to make. But don’t get me wrong, I could have stayed at Smorgasburg the entire day and built up one hell of a food coma.
I know I will return, possibly even before the season ends (field trip, anyone?!) to eat as much as I can tolerate and even when I hit the obligatory food wall, I’ll claw my way right through it until I bust out the other side.
Visit Smorgasburg online at

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  1. Two words. FOOD HEAVEN!
    Andrew, this looks like a great place. Will definitely have to visit!


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