Beer Chat: Two Roads’ Route of All Evil!

Mmm…Evil beer. 
This is a cool, I mean, EVIL beer label. Wait! Is that Pennywise the Clown?

Brews from Two Roads are easily becoming some of my favorites. Every time I stop by the brewery I try whatever new stuff they have on draft and some old favorites.
One of Two Roads’ newbie beers is a black ale called Route of All Evil.
Interruption: Whenever I hear of anything evil, I think of The Simpsons. Why? Well here’s a short clip:

You can find Route of All Evil at the brewery and at certain liquor stores or on draft at a few bars in the area. FYI: Ginger Man in SoNo has it!

This 7.5% ABV brew might have you fooled. Two Roads describes it as “not quite a porter, not quite a stout,” but you can expect a not so sweet taste with the caramel, chocolate and molasses coming through on your taste buds.

At first sip I really loved it, then I didn’t. But that was my mistake for ordering BBQ peanuts which ended up being a terrible pairing and an unconscious decision on my part. I decided to give up the peanuts so I could continue being EVIL!
*cue evil laugh*

 Check out our post on Two Roads Brewery.

Visit Two Roads online at

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Looking forward to trying this one…


  2. MMMm I love a nice dark beer! 😀


  3. Alicia Ghio says:

    Can't wait to give one a try.


  4. Haa! Love this! And the beer looks great too! Hope I can find some to try around New Haven county. Who wouldn't want to partake in something evil???? bwaaahhaaahaaa!


  5. Definitely need to try this! Big fan of Two Roads 🙂


  6. Jess says:

    Hmm. I want to try the beer. I do not want that evil clown in my house. Dilemma!


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