In Photos: 2013 NYC Craft Beer Festival Winter Harvest

Beer. Awesomeness.
It is becoming a thing for the Food Dudes and it is our honor to photograph for the NYC Craft Beer Festival.
For Damion and I this was our third time at the mecca of craft beer and each time gets better and better. While we take our photography assignment very seriously, we get to indulge in all the fun while we’re on the job by drinking, eating, and mingling with good folks just like us…Craft beer superfreaks!
Have you never been? Do you love delicious flavor of the craft beer kind?
Trust me, and I say this with no vested interest and I don’t make a profit off ticket sales…
That’s all the convincing I could come up with in words so I’ll let our photos on the NYC Craft Beer Festival Winter Harvest do more of the talking 🙂 

These dudes are clearly having a blast!

Groups are a thing here. Strength in numbers and more designated drivers or people to flag down a cab afterwards.

BX in the house!

Whoa. I got caught drinking a cocktail.


Having fun!


Hey ladies 😉

Pretzel anyone?

This dude poured my first of many beers on the day.


Grilled cheese please!

Carl’s Steak served up sandwiches all day.

Hot pour girl 🙂

One of my favs on the day. At least I remember it being one of my favs.

Down the hatch!

Hey! It’s the Co-Founder of Untappd, Greg Avola!

Mixing a drink in the Connoisseur’s Lounge.

And having some fun 🙂

Chicken salad pitas and shrimp cocktail

Mac & cheese with ham

Brisket sandwich with slaw

A sweet treat and a plate of s’mores


A dapper couple

Girl power!

That E-cig life

Hello there 😉


One of the friends and her mom!

Her husband stepped away so his friend stepped in

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica May says:

    Wow, looks like a really fun time!


  2. So much fun even though I technically work the event but I get to drink 😉


  3. I really wanted to go to this but the timing was bad. Now it's on my must-do list for next year!


  4. Do it! We'll make sure we get proof of your appearance in next season's photos!


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