Beer Chat: Green Flash East Village Pilsner

If you come across a beer that is not readily available in our area, you best get you some! That’s how I felt when I strolled into Ginger Man during Green Flash’s Tap Takeover at the Norwalk beer bar.
Green Flash is based in San Diego and started in 2002 with owners Mike and Lisa Hinkley who later teamed up with brewmaster Chuck Silva to eventually create brews like Le Freak (a barleywine), Hop Head Red (red ale), Green Bullet triple IPA, West Coast IPA, Double Stout, and East Village Pilsner.
I jumped all over the East Village Pilsner after chatting with one of Green Flash’s reps. He told me that the pilsner is tough to come by and is typically only available near the brewery. While Green Flash beer is in the Fairfield County area in bars and beer shops, the East Village Pils is not.
East Village Pilsner is clearly of the classic Czech variety as it pours a vibrant gold color and is extremely refreshing and very drinkable at 5.3% ABV.
Some of the Green Flash brews are still on tap from the Tap Takeover at Ginger Man in South Norwalk, including the East Village Pilsner, but that will not last long. Get it while the gettin’s good! And if you come across it outside of Cali, and you’re a pilsner person, jump on it.
For info on where to find Green Flash beer in our area, and other facts about the company, visit them online at

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