Guvnor’s Brewery Adds to SoNo’s Craft Beer Movement

And the food ain’t bad either!
With the many craft beer selections in The Ginger Man, Bradford’s, and in many of the bars and restaurants in that area, SoNo is becoming quite a Craft Beer Utopia. The addition of Guvnor’s Brewery gives Norwalk’s downtown section a bunch of extra craft credibility.
The Food Dudes strolled into the microbrewery and sampled quite a bit of the food and THE BEER!
Let us give you the Guvnor’s breakdown 🙂 
Flight = Amazingness
The Beer!
This real deal microbrewery has four beers on tap at any given time so we had to try each one, flight style!
Here’s what was on tap that night:
Summer Chill Wheat Ale– This light wheat beer should typically be served and is perfect for the warmer months but I was not mad about it. It was refreshing and even more so when you use the orange slice all on the rim and in the beer itself. This was my favorite of the four and I haven’t even given you the other three yet!
Pumpkin – I hate pumpkin and I hate pumpkin beer even more. But…OMG! The Guv surprised me and I actually loved their version. The pumpkin flavor didn’t overwhelm. Thank you for that as pumpkin is not a taste I yearn for. I would order Guvnor’s pumpkin ale.
Octoberfest – You can never go wrong with a full bodied, malty Octoberfest beer. They typically go with every type of meat so it complimented the food we ordered here. The Guv did Octoberfest brews much justice.
IPA – I am not much of an IPA guy but once in a while I appreciate the hoppiness of one. Guvnor’s IPA didn’t give off that hoppy taste that IPA lovers go wild for. I didn’t mind the un-hoppiness.
Besides the beer, the appetizers were our favorite part of the meal and we were thrilled we ordered three. The Scotch egg (hard-boiled egg wrapped in crumbled breakfast sausage, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried) was something I always wanted to try but never saw it on a menu around here. The sausage was well seasoned and the crust was crispy. I just wanted more of it. This egg is now one of my fat boy perfection snacks, to be served with a beer of course! 

Another love fest snack…the chorizo wings! If you like spicy, these are for you. Crispy, and covered in hot sauce and chopped chorizo sausage, they left a tingle in my mouth and the urge to stop in for more real soon. I found myself scraping up the bits of hot sauce coated chorizo off the plate. 

Guv’s has a beer battered section on the menu that includes chicken fingers, shrimp and more.
The shocker of the trio were the mozzarella sticks. Umm…What? Yeah, it’s simple but these were not frozen and we could tell. Thanks to Guvnor’s for putting in the work and not tossing a bag of frozen sticks in a deep fryer. We appreciate the little things!
Rob and I went all beef and decided to ordered two entrées and split them up. One was a special; hanger steak with broccoli rabe and truffled gnocchi. The steak was perfectly medium rare and tender and the brown gravy added a savory, homey element to the dish. I could have done without the broccoli rabe for some type of potato or some of Guvnor’s fries. 

We bring folks and sometimes they order fish. We stuck to an all cow vow. She said it was good. We believe her.

Just. Say. Yes.
The second dish was an epic burger. The Guvernor’s Burger is a thick patty with pancetta and thousand island dressing. See, I like this, a no frills burger that delivers. The meat was juicy, seasoned, cooked properly with a nice crust and the thousand island had that Big Mac-ish Special Sauce thing going on. This burger is right up there with some of the best in SoNo.
Guvnor’s offered two desserts that evening so we got both; a nut tart with chocolate mousse and a deep dish chocolate chip cookie with vanilla gelato. Out of the two, I loved the cookie. Another simple sounding item, well done. The chewy, crisp, warm and gooey cookie melted the gelato just enough to give you that cookies and milk throwback thing that you’d be crazy if you didn’t dig it. The tart wasn’t awful by any means but the light and airy mousse rocked so much that I just kept stealing spoonfuls. Mostly because I was certain if I didn’t eat it, it would have floated away like a helium balloon. 

Guvnor’s Brewery has a lot to offer; good food and even greater beer. As this place grows and thinks up different brews, it just makes me all the more curious to try each beer creation. I especially liked the relaxed atmosphere and a night free of amateur Bud Light boys that think that’s real beer. I like the variety of microbrews that Guvnor’s has to offer and I see many visits in my future.
Guvnor’s Brewery
136 Washington Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854

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  1. That hangar steak looks mouth watering! I do like broccoli rabe, so I'd probably devour it. It's not on a lot of menus.


  2. Very true about broccoli rabe. The only place I see it often is old school Italian places.


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