First Look: Sweet Lucy Lynn’s in SoNo

While at a birthday gathering for a friend I looked across the street and saw a “Grand Opening” banner for a place that had been under construction since the summer, Sweet Lucy Lynn’s. THAT PLACE I’m talking about was the former O’Neill’s and after they moved to a new location, three restaurants went out of business after that; Archie Moore’s, Rivals, and the one that made me weep a bit, John Dough’s Pizza Bar.
Now that a new business opened up and because I have eyes, I had to sneak over and check the place out and try a few things off the menu.
When I walked in I noticed the bar and dining room had gone under quite the fancified (new word?) transformation with off-white leather chairs and stools, old looking paintings, decorative mirrors, and different types of hanging light fixtures. Still present in the space is the fireplace but this part of the room was given a much more superior appearance than Lucy Lynn’s predecessors. See the photos! 

Our server, Tony, who I actually went to school with from grade school to high school, explained every dish available that night on what we were told was the restaurant’s soft opening.
The menu was still viewable and showcases appetizers like roasted chicken meatballs, crispy jerk chicken wings with tamarind Sriracha glaze, buttermilk fried oysters, and homemade salt & vinegar chips with bleu cheese sauce, just to name a few.
The rest of the menu rounds out with a “Burgers” section that includes a salmon burger and a sausage burger; sandwiches that include buttermilk fried chicken, pastrami, and bratwurst;  a few different flatbreads to choose from; and entrées like grilled NY strip, mahi-mahi fish tacos, baby back ribs, roasted chicken churrasco, and others. 

I sampled their truly great Fontina and parmesan mac ‘n cheese that was creamy and topped with crispy bread crumbs. The pancetta added to it was VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Pork always rules all. Next up was one of the burgers, the Dubliner Irish Burger made out of ground short rib and topped with Dubliner cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and adding sweetness was the maple cured bacon. Other burger positives were the perfection of the cook; a nice pink medium and a nice crust on the outside. Adding a bit more flavor was the special sauce served on the side that consists of mayo, Sriracha and soy sauce.
Just the few items I tried made me curious enough to check back in here and munch out on a full meal with as many friends as possible so we can all order something different and so I can try more of Sweet Lucy Lynn’s comfort/upscale pub faire.
A hope that I have is that a place can finally settle in at this prime location right across from the movie theater. The soft opening was not all that crowded and I did mention to the owners something about doing a press/blogger event to which I received an unsure version of a “Yes.”
This one goes to trying to spread the word.
Sweet Lucy Lynn’s
77 N. Main Street
South Norwalk, CT 06854
No website found as of yet. Stay tuned.  

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessie says:

    John Dough's closed?? I liked that place!


  2. Unfortunately, yes 😦

    Leading up to the closing I tried to go in when they should have been open and the doors were locked. Bad sign.

    Recently someone told me they went and they had one or two beers on tap when they were pretty much a pizza and craft beer joint. Another bad sign.

    Still, I am so disappointed. Thought it was the best pizza in SoNo. Was nice to have New Haven style pies in the area too. You can still find their pizza at the Darien Ice Rink, they own the snack bar.


  3. Love the look of this place, ultra modern, but still warm and cozy. Hope to be able to try it soon.


  4. Jeff "Jfood" Schlesinger says:

    Yeah, when the pizza maker left a few months ago it was just a matter of time.


  5. Jen Seiderer says:

    That menu sounds great! We'll have to check it out before it succumbs to the curse.


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