Making Candied Bacon!

Because bacon.

For a New Year’s Eve party I decided to bring along something I recently started making on occasion, candied bacon. When I was mixing pork and sugar, salty and sweet, I Tweeted a few times about it and my blogger pal, Savory Sweet Eats(Twitter: @savorysweeteats) gave me the idea to toss up a candied bacon blog post. So here it is! You can thank her for this one 🙂

This is actually a pretty simple recipe (from Alex Guarnaschelli with my own liberties added) that only requires a few simples ingredients that you may already have at home and is mostly a set it and forget it for a good 40 minutes depending on the bacon you use.
Chances are, if you like bacon you’ll love this recipe. If you don’t like bacon we probably have no shot at ever being friends.
Bacon goodness in 3, 2, 1…
What You’ll Need

  • Bacon (12 slices) – I use thicker cut bacon. For around $8 you can buy Oscar Mayer Butcher’s Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon. I like it.
  •  1/3 cup light brown sugar – I like a bit more.
  •   Black pepper – I use a green/white/black pepper blend.
  •   2 cookie sheets
  •   2 sheets of parchment paper cut into nearly the size of the cookie sheets

Other Stuff…

  •   Preheat your oven to 325 degrees
  •   Cut the bacon in half for smaller pieces (if you wish)
  •   Get a bowl to toss the bacon with the brown sugar

Season the bacon on each side with pepper and rub it in.

Like so.

Toss bacon in brown sugar.

Lay one piece of parchment paper on the first cookie sheet and place the bacon on it. Sprinkle remaining brown sugar over the bacon.

Place other piece of parchment paper over the bacon.

Sandwich it all in with the other cookie sheet to prevent bacon from curling during the cooking process. The recipe calls for a cooking time of 20-35 minutes but it can take longer depending on how thick the bacon is, and how crispy you like it.

When proper doneness is achieved, remove bacon from cookie sheet and place on a plate or rack to air dry. Bacon will be greasy/sticky/limp but will firm up as it cools.

Start eating! Or pack it up for your party!

One Comment Add yours

  1. If you have never tried chocolate covered bacon – you should! It's fantastic and weird.


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