Beer Chat: Keegan Mother’s Milk

One of my new favorite stouts. Correction: One of my new favorite BEERS.

Dark, creamy, and silky smooth. And being that I had this beer close to Christmas, I bet even Santa would swap out plain old cookies and milk for a frosty pint of Keegan Mother’s Milk and a hunk of chocolate mousse cake.
Mother’s Milk is one of Keegan Ales’ most popular brews. When this Kingston, NY brewery opened in 2003, Keegan took home a few awards at the Hudson Valley Microbrew Competition that included a gold medal for Mother’s Milk. This stout that I have come to truly love is often featured on many top lists of stouts and was even on a New York Times top 10 stouts list back in 2010. This beer also holds a strong Beer Advocate rating with a solid 86.
If you can find Mother’s Milk (I had it from a tap at Bridgeview Tavern in Sleepy Hollow, NY), what are you in for besides the dark and creamy silky smoothness? Prep your taste buds for hints of milk (obviously), chocolate and oatmeal. And even though Mother’s Milk is a dark beer, its ABV content is low at 6% so don’t worry about getting messed up if you have more than one. I had three.
Visit Keegan Ales online at more info about their beers, the brewery, and the bar and restaurant. Yup. It’s all those things in one.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Something about dark beer and cold temperatures works for me. This one sounds like a must try!


  2. Alicia Ghio says:

    Had a pint of Mother's Milk up at a restaurant in Rhinebeck and fell in love with it. So smooth and creamy – perfect for winter.


  3. Ah, so you know what I'm talking about. Really hoping this one becomes more accessible in lower Fairfield County.


  4. Jess says:

    Ooh – that looks like it's worth going to Sleepy Hollow for!


  5. According to a friend, Two Boots of Bridgeport has it on tap!


  6. Two Boots here I come in that case!


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